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Influenza destroys death of children Complete disintegration of flu VS cold symptoms – Hong Kong Economic Times – TOPick – Health


Many people misunderstand that flu is just a serious flu, but there are actually differences in the symptoms of these two.

Inflammation flu, and the first death of children's flu occurred in Hong Kong! Inflammation and cold spreads mainly through droplets, coughing and sneezing, and then touching the eyes, nose, and mouth can be infected, so many people mistakenly think that the flu is just a serious flu, the other two respiratory fusion cell respiratory tract infections (RSV) and lung inflammation also change easily, but there are actually differences in the symptoms of four.


The Chinese University Hospital in Hong Kong shares the difference between these four diseases. (Source: Facebook page of the Medical Center CUHK)

According to the Chinese hospital in Hong KongFacebookThe article says that all four have elevated temperature, cough, nasal discharge, and nose congestion.

Flu and cold flu symptoms vary

In addition to the above-mentioned four symptoms, people with colds may have throat, sneezing, headache, etc., and influenza patients may have physical pain, chills, vomiting, etc. The more likely they will have diarrhea. Although patients suffering from flu and colds may have symptoms of fever, cold patients usually have low temperatures while flu patients continue to have high temperatures for longer than 2 days.

Chen Pei-ran, president of the Hong Kong Medical Doctors' Association, wrote in the Economic Daily magazine that the flu was caused by a viral infection in the upper respiratory tract. There are hundreds of viruses that can cause cold symptoms. Coronavirus (20%), respiratory syncytial virus and parainfluenza virus (10%), so the symptoms can be very different. However, the symptoms are usually mild, and besides the above mentioned symptoms there is the possibility of mild and mild pain in the body, or even mild headaches.

The incubation period of the flu is usually 1 to 3 days, symptoms are usually relatively serious, and the above symptoms are also common headaches, extreme fatigue, throat pain, and usually elevated temperatures of 38.5 degrees Celsius or more. Influenza people will more often have complications such as bronchitis, lung inflammation, chronic illnesses, etc. And severe cases can lead to death.

Respiratory condensed virus, lung inflammation can also be fatal

Exceptional respiratory condensed viral stan- dard (RSV) is highly infectious and vital, and the virus can infect the lungs and respiratory tracts, causing short breath or pain, sputum, snoring, snoring, and severe breathing. Hemorrhoids will be more than ordinary colds, and there is a greater likelihood of developing bronchitis or pneumonia, which can be fatal even seriously! Infants, babies or children with asthma, lung, heart, and immune system disorders are more susceptible to infections.

Patients with lung inflammation will also have symptoms of shortness of breath or hard work, and will also have more breathing, breathing and choking, and X-ray results will also show that the lungs are floral, and the severe cases are also lethal.

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