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Meng Shen three quarters of 27 points show with one hand dunk the 甲 甲, the last dance MVP fans belong to him only (影) | NBA |动网 DONGTW

On April 8, in Taipei, the Golden State Warriors met at the Los Angeles Oracle Arena, and this was the last regular Warrior's match at Oracle Arena (the remaining two matches were guest appearances) and they put on a vintage jersey. Stephen Curry is in great shape, achieving 27 points (11 out of 20 strokes, 2 free throws, 2 out of 3, 3 out of 3), 6 rebounds and 4 assists, citing Warriorse 131-104 to finish the final Oracle routine with a big win . race.

At the end of the regular season, some teams maintain and exchange play, but Warrior coach Steve Kerr said that before the ranking is set, the main players will not be considered for a vacation.

Today, Curry plays as usual, although the scooter is an old rival, but in the last few seasons disputes have faded, Curry did not make a big attack in the first quarter, and in the beginning created opportunities for his teammates and worked drastically.

Curry's first hit was long played in the game before he appeared, and he hit! Of course, the attitude of the sailboat towards this game seems very serious, especially at the defensive end, very positive, and then Curry was widespread, but this did not affect his overall feeling. In the first quarter he made 4 out of 6 kicks and easily scored 9 points.

Whenever Curry scored a goal, the audience was loudly shouting, and there seemed to be a lot of weight in the hearts of Warrior fans. When Curry stood on the line of free throws, the audience was also crazy and shouted "MVP! MVP!"

In the second quarter, Curry was in better shape, played fairly aggressively, often shot in the middle and helped out in the basket and out, reaching 13 points in this section. The rhythm games are also completely mastered by Warriors.

At the end of the third quarter, Curry made a nice transition, made a wonderful change, drew the defender and hit the ball! Then, after the Warriors successfully defended, Damion Lee coped the ball and saw Curry, who had already forwarded and sent the ball to the front. Curry did not fulfill this great opportunity. With one hand, leaping high in the basket, the warriors also remembered deafening cheers at home.

The scene screamed again "MVP! MVP!". Curry wanted to forgive Oracle Arene with a perfect performance, as this is the last home game of regular Warriors, and the new season of Warriors will be in the new game. Play in Chase Center.

This part of the Warrior's last attack, Curry out hit three more points! He also waved to the audience, drumming the audience together.

The last part of Warrior did not allow Curry to continue playing, ending the last regular Oracle game.

Stephen Curry 27 points

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