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NBA "Celo leaves?" 火速 换 官 Zh ongs – Zhongshi News

Twitter Official Twitter quickly replaced the title photo from Anthony Davis to Halle Dale. (taken from eunuchs)

Even if "One Eyebrow" Anthony Davis announced he would not renew the deal, he will also apply for a transaction, and he will "turn his face" too fast! Twitter Official Twitter in the morning October 31, the speed of the headline photos, from Davis to the main control of the 30-day leader Harledayaja defeated the rocket, which is exactly what Davis is about to announce departure!

Eunuh is pushing not only to quickly change the film but also to turn his attention to Anthony Davis's personal account, and it is clear that it is not related to Davis but Davis joined the 2012 champion. Hey, up to six-season multi-ball support, there's no hard work and hard work, and it's too unmatched.

"New York Times" authoritative journalist Stein also broke the news, could not pick this year's All-Star Game West start, became the last slide Davis left, "Look at Davis data (29.3 points, 13.3 rebounds and 4.4 assists) to clearly scream record and market, which is definitely one of the reasons why he decided to leave. "

Currently, apart from the Lakers who are most likely to compete for Davis, almost all of the young players can be used as commercial chips, and the public has also released the news, and all players except Atticopo's coffin can be traded as David. Sri Lanka's requirements, but top management is not in a hurry, waiting for all teams to open trade chips.

(Newsletter China Times)

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