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NBA "Durant crazy 51 points no way to use Warriors OT lost Tyrannosaurus – China Times News

Although Durant had 51 points in this campaign, the warriors still lost. (Associated Press)

Although Durant scored 51 points in Warriors 30, plus 11 rebounds and 6 assists, but Warriors still can not escape 128-131 hates to widen the loss to the landlord Tyrannosaurus, but to stop 3 wins, Tyrannosaurus takes 7 consecutive wins Current record of 19 wins and 4 losers, not only ranked first in the east but also the best in the league!

In the first quarter, the Warriors, which were considerably behind 14 to 32, came to the last quarter. Finally, with the support of firearms, apart from Durant and Clay Thompson, Jerichin was a three-part indicator to help the warriors to tear the gap. In 2 points, the two sides fell in disruption until the countdown stage can still win.

However, Lori's last 56.6 seconds at the bottom of the three pointers line, leading the tyranny to bring up to 6 points, seem to be insecure warriors and then see that Durant tied two two-way bonds, leaving only 8.6 seconds to make a storm The dragon made a final blow, and Leonard did not decide to take his own blow but gave it to Ibaki, and the time was over.

When he came to the playoffs, Tyrannosaurus took the lead and grabbed the lead. The two sides have come back to the exciting countdown stage. The wars were only 3 points, and Iguodala eventually died in the last 22.6 seconds. The right to give the opponent, Tyrannosaurus 4 penalty 4, also some Warriors no longer have the opportunity to make up for.

This is Durant's score of 40 in three games, but unfortunately, May 30th, Warriors are only Clay Thompson (23 points) and Jerek (20 points) scored in double digits. Then wait for Corey to play December 2 at Pistons and say he will be back from injury. Warriors can restore their fame.

Tyrannosaur scored 37 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists at best performances, Ciaka 26 points, Ibaka 20 points, Danny Green 13 points, Major Luo Rui 10 points, 12 assists and 8 rebounds Nearly a chance to win a big three yuan but performance this year's tyrannical season is still fierce in comparison to the previous season, Leonard is the first.

(Bilten China Times)

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