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New Party: The MAC should be renamed into the "Cross-Dispute Committee" – ETtoday News Cloud

New Cross Party Block: The MAC should be renamed to the "Cross-Straits Unreachable Board" ETtoday News Cloud

▲ The new party went to the MAC to protest against the excessive barrier. Reporter Xu Zhengyu / Taipei reported that due to events in the area of ​​the East Asian Youth Movement, MAC requested the suspension of the water award ceremony, which was dismissed by the county government of Jinmen, and was planned by Deputy Magistrate Wu Chengdian and Sen. Weng Zibao and others. A small three-way approach goes to the other side to take part in the water passage ceremony, confirming that the MAC and the Immigration Department will vote. The new party went to the MAC to protest at the 6th, saying the MAC called the "Continental Affairs Committee," which day-to-day mutilation and renamed it to the Resident Cross-Straits Committee. Su Heng, a member of the City Council of the Datong New Party, said that during the reign of Chen Shui-bian, Wu Chengdian and Jinmen's new party, Li Wei and Cao Yuanzhang went to Xiamen to negotiate a small three-way road. Small three links. As a result, MAC, headed by Tsai Ing-wen, believed that they were not authorized to sign documents on behalf of the state and violated the provisions of the Rulebook on Human Relations between the two Taiwanese straits, and if the pressure of non-public opinion forced Clay to retire, the little three links would be smooth. On the way. Unexpectedly, 17 years later, MAC re-pushed the Golden Gate and turned the beauty of water across the Taiwan Strait. Lin Mingzheng, a member of City Party Councilor Songshan Xinyi of the New Party, said that after Cai's refusal to accept the 1992 consensus, the rule of the two sides on the mainland actually has nothing to do. However, MAC does not want to be lonely, but tries to crack down on exchanges, including support for a civil aviation body to ban "overtime flights in the spring festival," banning Taiqing from "leaving the Chinese bank of China" forbidding "public and private university teachers full-time and do not participate in land-based countries ". Research and development funds and projects that banned "official officials coming to Taiwan to participate in the Storm Forum, etc. The name of Chen Mingtong, the chairman of the Continental Council, has the word" Ming Tong ", but everything has done everything on both sides of the shadow unreasonably and simply has changed its name to "crossword puzzles." Nothing has passed. "The new party called for crosswords …

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