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PlayStation Plus 12 Months Free Play "God Eater 2: Fury Liberation", "Gravity Vision World End" all come together

Finally comes to the end of 2018, and the last PlayStation Plus 12 free game year is also announced! Although the number of free games has dropped dramatically a few months ago, game projects are still full of honesty, hehe! This time I joined a group of selected games like "God 2: Frenzy Emancipation" and "Gravity Myths Ending the World". Players remember that the calendar is set in time!
 PlayStation Plus December

PlayStation Plus 12 Months Free Play "God Eater 2: Fury Liberation", "Gravity Vision World End" all come together

Dear Players, Free Playstation Plus Playing Games Released in December 2018! Since Sony began to take on a small and sophisticated route, there were a lot of great games in the free line, and free games in December are also worth seeing. This is the open download time set to 12 /. 6 Begin, by 1/9, adjust the knife to carry the registration alert!

"Graduation of the World of Gravity"
Platform: PS4
After the story was over, the gravity princess Kate and his partner gravity control allowed Lavinia and the cop to explore the secret behind the unusual gravity wave at Heiqi Sawei, but there was another unprecedented moment. The great gravity storm hit, and three swallowed the storm and brought it to the mining village for a new adventure. In the game, players must use different gravitational abilities or change in the direction of the game to help Kate get out of the storm and prevent damage to the airline.

"God Eater 2: Release of Fury"
Platform: PS4, PS Vita
This generation inherits the structure of the previous game "God Eater 2" and enhances it, for the first time it uses multi-layered production. In addition to being associated with previous archives, it can also play a multiplayer platform between PS4 and PS Vita and join many pre-productions. New unavailable elements, such as the new weapons of Serbian Serbian weapons and the new technique of the super-murder of "Blood Fury", will complete strong vows after completing the vows. The story begins with a "spiral tree" in which a vision appears, and the mysterious girl Livi Corret is the key to the progress of the plot, which is an important role in this generation, turning into protagonists and different personalities. A full-fledged roster brings together troubled comrades.

Block Soul Vita
Platform: PS Vita
This game, first introduced on the Xbox 360, can be said to be suitable for all ages. For a limited time, all the objects and creatures around it will be rolled by balls to increase the size of the ball. From bait to skyscraper You can rotate, you can use the touch operation and the joystick to play the ball. Use your fingers to change the shape of the ball, freely spread in wide space, or narrow into narrow space. You can continue to add challenging tasks by downloading content! More rich collections and "purchasing" and other elements that can be played are a small class game that kills time and is interesting.

In addition to the game, this month's PlayStation Plus only Xiaolan "123" is the original dynamic theme available for free download. The opening time of the theme starts from 12/3, and Xiao Lan is so cute!

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