Friday , February 26 2021

"Pokemon GO" new treasure can dream of "swimming", appeared, the color of the egg is "shame" ? | 4Gamers

Niantic seems to have installed a new wave of the fourth generation of the new treasure in the Pokemon GO game. According to information about players abroad, swimming and shyness have been discovered in the game.

According to Reddit's return to the United States, the UK and Australia, there were friends who discovered that the new fourth generation of Shenbao could dream of "Swimming" appeared in the game (Daoguan) from the point of view, followed by the event " Star Sand Week ". In addition, the organic rate of 5 kilograms of egg cells was "shameful", and the organic rate remarked remarkably.

Of course, do not forget that this (seventh) day appears in the "Star and Sands Week," which you can double or catch stars and sand when you capture or pull out, and use the opportunity by November 13.

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