Saturday , June 19 2021

Say good to God? ! "Quiet Man" gets 2/10 points per episode! | 3iGAME

Today's generous news is designed for SquareEnix, and with another article on the left that mentions the release of the producer "Final Fantasy", the second work "The Quiet Man" is also a cannon stall.

In E3, I hit an action game "Tihi muškarac", which was interrupted with CG. There are several friends who are the devils of the "Dragon in Man". The drainage section plays the story of the weakest hearing protagonist. Players expect to be versatile and fun to fight, but most players are fully involved in the game, even if they are close to each other, they know each other. When the battle is over, the opponent's AI is lower and explosive, up to 39gb of content, everyone thinks there is a full video file, but the whole story is only 3 hours or less.

Second, the game is the left major protagonist who is a person with hearing impaired, and even sound effects make everyone feel that hearing impaired, although it may be fun and new experience, is completely lost in the player's aspect; More careful friends are more likely to say that the story of the game is not so called. IGN is a low score of 5.5, and Gamespot is also very polite and has a lower score on the left.

However, the game has been launched for several days, but has a 10% discount on Steam, and if you're fun, I'll dare talk about it, I always sell 90 mosquitoes when I have a good lips, and if you have money, you're afraid of death. .

Steam Purchase Page: Click here

Game Name: "The Quiet Man"

Game Type: Action Adventure

Publication: SQUARC ENIX

Platform: PS4 / parna

Date of issue: 1 st November

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