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SBL / If no one can hold Mayo Xu Jinzhe directly speaking Taiwan's quality is too low.

▲ Former NBA Explorer O.J. Mayo (with ball) wears a new jersey. (Photo / Basketball Association)

In the history of SBL, the largest foreign stranger, OJ Mayo, showed his remarkable talents today (30) and achieved 39 points in the new league season, allowing opponent Fubang chief coach Xu Jinzhe to call it "unstoppable" and said If no one the country can not hold, it is necessary to study the quality of the alliance is too low.

Mayo scored 14 points and 6 assists in the SBL championship, but after the absence of 3 knee knee injuries, people did not know how much they left and after two weeks they debuted tonight, and for the first time Daxin was dominated by Su Shijie . With performance, the performance is beyond imagination, not only will it be reduced to 8 three-point indicators.

Xu Jinzhe said, "We are the first game, we can only understand it from the movie game. Today the coach can not continue training, but I also hope that other local players can keep it, like This is the first Taiwanese beer." said, "If no one can hold it, that means the quality of the Taiwanese alliance is too bad."

Modern Su Jiejie has found that Mayo has rather aggressively trained the ball, even using "crazy" to describe it. "I talked to him privately, he did not want to be a 30-point player, the team's performance is good for everyone. He will mix tactics and collaborate with him so he can easily get 30 points or more." And we look forward to his positive communion as we're going to lead the team.

Mayo was guilty of bleeding in the second quarter, but did not affect his feelings, said: "I am very happy that the team won the first win, and today the whole team returned to health and made a lot of homework before the game, hoping to continue I do not care if I'm guilty, I say this is part of the game The opponent is very active in defense I believe the opponent is not intentional and will not be in mind.

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