Tuesday , January 26 2021

"SCUM" is astonished that "chicken is getting bigger and bigger" BUG, ​​but it has been repaired ? | 4Gamers

The super-realistic and realistic survival "SCUM", just updated a few days ago, the "wild hunting" review received a lot of praise, but last weekend's BUG update seems to have repaired a lot of disgraceful and regrettable BUG. Yes, this is what every town of 30 cm dreamed of.

Updating Wild Hunter on November 2 is focused on increased hunting experience, with the addition of weapons and items related to original survival skills, as well as adding Conan Exile. The same ability to set the role of the "second child" was won by the players who appreciated it.

However, according to the latest update of the official last week, it has been discovered that there is a magic BUG so every time you sign up for the game, your "chicken" will become longer and even the farmer is hated abroad. This error has occurred. In addition, the basic announcement, but also found a lot of funny BUG. For example:

● Fixed a bug that will make chicks bigger and bigger every time you sign up.

● Fixed a bug that caused the hand to lock the chicken if it was interrupted during peeing.

● A fixed bug that allowed the hen to grow without affecting other attributes.

It seems that not only do peasants want to be great, it will be so bizarre BUG. It is reasonable to doubt that everyone in the development team wants to be 30 cm, and chicken care is good, hand will be locked on chicken … (XD)

Of course, the revision of the wild hunt does not only apply to chickens, but also to guitar and other instruments, and many players have already published their own creations, although it sounds like 8 BIT sources.

Although the current music creation can not be as powerful as the official release of the show, but the game will be updated slowly, I believe one day before, maybe it will be done.

As for the big chicken, do not think about it. They play games of survival, prisoners seriously.

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