Wednesday , May 12 2021

Shocking bullets! “MLB The Show 21” will debut on the Xbox Game Pass, Apple News, Apple Daily

Sony’s first-studio baseball game “MLB The Show 21” (Major League Baseball) confirmed its first multi-platform release on the Xbox in February this year. It is no longer exclusive to the PlayStation. Microsoft last night (2) Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, announced on Twitter that “MLB The Show 21” will be released on Xbox Game Pass 4/20. Compared to PlayStation players, “MLB The Show 21” will have to be purchased separately, as long as subscribers are on the Xbox Game Pass. Download and play directly.

As soon as the tough news came out of this round of games, they attracted network users who left the message “Sweet!” “Okay! This is definitely the biggest collaboration this year.” “What !? This isn’t April Fool’s Day, is it? “The Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and XCloud cloud gaming platform (Ultimate Plan subscribers only) and support multiplayer gaming and access, you can connect and play against other players. Microsoft said:” This is unforgettable a moment for us, Xbox players and baseball fans. We can’t wait to let the players experience the deepest baseball game yet. “

It can only be said that Microsoft acted ruthlessly and buried itself directly in the corner of Sony’s first-degree studio. Some users have speculated that perhaps Phil Spencer invited MLB, the American publisher of “MLB The Show 21”, to talk to the studio. The “First Xbox Game Pass” is of great importance. Finally, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan once said that the cost of developing a masterpiece of the game is extremely high. Sony will not put them directly on the game subscription service, while the direction of development of Microsoft’s Xbox is just the opposite. The more games join the Game Pass, the more it will attract players to subscribe, and will also help increase sales of the Xbox console.

And not only that, EA Football’s new work “FIFA 21” will also be available at the Xbox Game Pass in May. This series of operations will allow Microsoft to host 4 popular sports games – “FIFA” which represents football, “Madden NFL” and baseball “MLB The Show”, which can be called “master ball game”. If Microsoft, which has only been nicknamed “Car Gun Ball” in the past, can work harder, it can be expected to complement the weaker RPG genre of Xbos, allowing more subscribers to enjoy a variety of games. (Liao Jiabao / Comprehensive Report)

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