Saturday , June 19 2021

"Shuo Zhengming" Xu Shujing expressed his opposition! The four major disputes in the end are worthless to understand once – Yahoo's lazy card

  1. "Shuo Zhengming" Xu Shujing expressed his opposition! Finally, four major disputes are stupid, and I understand Yahoo's lazy card.
  2. The twenty-four-year-old athlete's assembly was against the Eastern Olympics, and athletes no longer remain silent.
  3. Badminton One brother calls for "disagreement with tickets" Xu Shujing: Getting athletes Stage Dongsen News
  4. Zhou Tiancheng, Wang Weiwei, opposes the right referendum for Dongao Yahoo News
  5. Xu Shujing has stated that the anti-olympic Olympics is a referendum. Zhao Shi is pretty strong: the state is working hard at power.
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