Saturday , January 23 2021

South Korea's Yu Chen Xuesheng fits in hope of winning election talks with Taoyuan | Central News Agency NOWnews Today News

Central News Agency / NOWnews
Central News Agency / NOWnews

(Central News Agency Wu Ruiqi Taoyuan, 12th) Kaomachu Kaohsiung, South Korea's candidate, tonight, and mayor of Taoyuan Chen Xuesheng came together to keep up with the Yu Shenghui Master Jedi Counterattack, South Korea Yu said Welcomes Keelung City and Taoyuan City. Kaohsiung City can reverse the victory.

South Korea Yu said that he and Chen Xuesheng had more than 30 years of friendship and Chen Xuesheng had never changed, and his personal character was a passion for his good friends, and when he needed help, Chen Xuesheng was never disappointed . This is more important to the public than the president. Believes that Taoyuan should have a happy and mayor in the future.

South Korea Yu said that Taoyuan International Airport in Taoyuan and Kaohsiung Xiaogang Airport are two big countries, and in the future there will be room for cooperation between the two sides in tourism. Tourists coming to Taiwan can travel south, north and south, plus Keelung, who is still present. Mayor candidate, Xie Ligong, believes Keelung Port and Kaohsiung Port also have a chance to cooperate, and Keelung, Taoyuan and Kaohsiung will jointly create the best sightseeing route.

South Korea Yu said that if three people successfully selected, they would jointly sell agricultural and fishery products. In addition, the industrial areas of Taoyuan and Kaohsiung are very complete, and in the future all MNCs and large companies will invest. Taoyuan Investment will be located in Kaohsiung, and Kaohsiung Investment will be located in Taoyuan and strengthen cooperation in the industrial field.

Chen Xuesheng said he hoped he could reverse Kaohsiung like South Korea, Taoyuan did not owe debts, would not be Joe, no officer who would be short-sighted, no victims, and that's "4 no" for himself. There is no consortium and faction, and only people in the heart. This "4 no 1 no" has to turn the enthusiast Taoyuan upside down.

Later, the Taoyuan City Party Committee and City Halls were invited to hold lectures, and people on the scene sang many popular songs. Campaign headquarters Chen Xuesheng said he hopes to reverse the victory in Taoyuan through the large Kuomintang unit. (Editor: Li Xiwei) 1071112

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