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Talk about the "heart of people" at the crossroads MAC answers: recognize the reality – TVBS News

The two sides of the straits are a "human heart". MAC reacts: recognizes the reality of cross TVBS news

Chinese President Xi Jinping met yesterday with former President Kuomintang Lien Chan (13th century) As for Xi Jinping's views on mutual relations, MAC replied that China must "recognize the threatening reality and respect Taiwan's public opinion" and resolve the differences through communication . This is the will of the people. Yesterday, the fourth consecutive meeting of Xi Jinping and Lien Chan appeared. During the meeting, Xi Jinping considered that relations were heavy and complex and stressed that "the road to the road and the human mind was unstoppable." In response, MAC reacted last night and believed that both sides should try to resolve the differences under the assumption of communication. This is the right way for the mutual connections to be stable and far-reaching. MAC has stated that government policy has always been firm in maintaining the current situation of peace and stability over Taiwan's straits, as well as for defending the sovereignty of the country and the Taiwanese subject. However, the current cross-country situation is complex, and both sides of the straits have the responsibility to stabilize the situation, pointing out that the Chinese mainland wants to recognize the reality of the cross-straits and respect Taiwan's public opinion. MAC also pointed out that we must face the future development of mutual relations pragmatically and objectively, not only must we make a unilateral decision, but the situation in Taiwan over the last 70 years is gradually shifting from hostility to peace, and we have to look at the results of joint efforts two sides. Finally, MAC has stated that the greatest consensus between the two sides of the straits and the historical trend of cross-development, the Chinese mainland should "learn rationality, openness and respect", integrate democracy and freedom, human rights and rule of law, and take on historical responsibility. Lu Jiahui Internship Editor The most HOT topic is here! If you want to keep up with the current events, hurry to join TVBS News LINE friends! More TVBS reports Total military frequency around the stage! Causes of land exposure: I am afraid that Taiwanese people will be hurt by the "Taiwan independence". Zhao Shaokang: I also said that the status quo was held Taiwan has become so chaotic People are not happy His name is "Lee Teng-hui" Xi Jinping talks about cross-country situations Lien Chan: There should be no space of independence in Taiwan.

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