Sunday , May 16 2021

"The Soul of the Soul" Announces a New Notice in June Open Pre-Order Now ETtoday Game Cloud

Reporter Zhou Zhiding / Taipei Report

The SNK has officially opened the classic "Soul of Soul" game last weekend, "Soul of the Soul" will be launched on June 27th in PS4, XBOX ONE and can now be ordered in advance.

The series "The soul of the soul" was born in 1993, and this series of fights with cold weapons swarmed the world. After 11 years, completely new works are finally debited! This is produced using the UNREAL ENGINE 4 engine. Having inherited a fascinating worldview and a gaming experience, he developed for the most beautiful images. Among the new added features, AI can learn the player's fighting style and create a stand-in player.

This story began a year ago in the first generation of "The Soul of the Soul". A new catastrophe has covered the entire Japanese country, and a story about all kinds of swordsmen holding their own beliefs has just been opened. A series of stories will affect the new land development. 13 popular characters from all time joined hands with three new characters to bring the story to the top, with a total of 16 swarms who participated in the war. More characters will participate in the battle in the form of DLC. This system will reproduce the values ​​of anger, flash and secret of the popular system of the past generations.

Special Edition "Standard Edition" and "DELUXE PACK" are DLC clothing "Nostalgic 3D: Overlord Pill", "DELUXE PACK" and "Season Ticket". The standard version is expected to be sold for NT $ 1,790, and "DELUXE PACK" with a season ticket is priced at NT $ 2,390. The Japanese official also publicly announced that it will be launched on PC and Nintendo Switch this winter, and will also launch a large version of the machine.

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