Wednesday , March 3 2021

Three major U.S. companies fought the biggest semiconductor marriage and broke the path — Finance — China Times

Last September (2020) NVIDIA agreed to purchase British chip designer ARM (ARM) for $ 40 billion (approximately $ 1.13 trillion). It’s known as the biggest marriage in the history of the semiconductor industry, but now faces more and more With more opposition to votes and challenges, three major U.S. companies, including Microsoft, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) and Qualcomm, jumped out on Friday, claiming that they were concerned about the acquisition and asked global regulators to intervene in the investigations.

CNBC reported that Qualcomm has urged the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the European Union, the Competition and Market Administration of the United Kingdom and the State Administration of Market Regulation and other regulatory agencies not to approve Huida’s acquisition of Anmou; and believes that this purchase may prevent other chip production The commercial use of Anmo technology has given Huidi an unfair competitive advantage.

Amou is owned by Japanese technology giant SoftBank Group, and its chip designs are licensed to more than 500 companies, including Apple, Intel, Samsung and Huawei. Since 95% of the world’s smartphones use the Anmo architecture, and Huida is also a rival like AMD and Apple, the outside world is concerned that the merger will affect Anmo’s position as a neutral supplier.

The report notes that the FTC’s investigation into the transaction has entered a second phase, requiring SoftBank, Huida and Anmou to provide further relevant information. It is expected that the FTC will need more time and gather more documents before it can investigate this merger Make an assessment.

A Huida spokesman said he was confident the acquisition would be beneficial to the market after an assessment by relevant regulatory agencies; Anmou and Softbank declined to comment.

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