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US-Chinese trade war flame Taiwan's capital industry is the first cargo carrier钜 亨 网 – Taiwan stock news

The US-Chinese trade war is widening, and Taiwan is hard to stay out of the way, and public stocks are estimated, which will shortly affect the ICT industry and bank lending, and in the medium and long term the Taiwanese industrial chain can be transmitted and reduced. China's dependence and influence of the US-Chinese trade war.

The Ministry of Finance today (30) has called eight large public shares to conduct the third quarter of the business report in which the Zhaofeng Gold Company Zhaofeng ticket was used to report on US-Chinese trade.

Zhaofeng's chart is focused on the short-term, medium-term and long-term analysis of the US-China trade impact on Taiwan. The report points out that the Taiwanese economy has a very high share of "Taiwan Orders, Land Products and Exports in the United States" triangular trade patterns. It is a communications industry and has a large OEM system on the mainland, and will become the first victim of a trade war between the US and China.

According to statistics, Taiwan's exports to China in the year (2018) exceeded $ 130.2 billion, accounting for 40% of total exports, of which nearly 70% of assets and middle class components. After processing or making finished products on land, they were exported to the United States. The main market abroad, the US-China trade war represents a powerful threat to Taiwanese businessmen on both sides of the straits.

The report emphasized that domestic manufacturers, including TSMC, Da Liguang, Hon Hai, etc., are the main suppliers of the supply chain of American Apple. If the trade war is late, Apple can handle the weight and affect Taiwan's industrial chain.

Not only is there a chain of industry, banks will be involved, and the Chinese triangular trade through investments in China and Hong Kong is also very large. The US-China Economic Trade War represents a major threat to the Taiwanese investment industry and then affects bank loans.

The uncertain trade warriors in the US and Taiwan have also submerged Taiwanese entrepreneurs to re-adjust the global look, among which the new south facing countries do not have an ICT industrial site, and Taiwan has restrictions on resources such as land, water, electricity and labor force. With the US and Chinese trade war to attract Taiwanese businessmen to return to Taiwan, I'm afraid we need more long-term and perfect planning.

The report suggests that the government should encourage intensive manufacturing companies and need more work to move south and south from Taiwan, where work is more abundant and priority is given to industries that still have international competitiveness after returning to Taiwan, such as AI , great data etc,

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