Sunday , April 11 2021

Wearing a mask can unlock new features of iOS 14.5 on Face-Mingbao News

Rapporteur / Wang Xinci

Affected by the epidemic, it is necessary to wear masks on various occasions, which makes the function of recognizing the faces of Apple mobile phones most of the time unavailable. A beta version of iOS 14.5 launched in early February will greatly improve this issue. The quick Apple Watch unlock feature allows Face ID to recognize the person wearing the mask or part of the mask, and can be unlocked when it detects that there is an Apple Watch set to activate this quick unlock feature within range of a Bluetooth connection.

In the test version, many respondents said that the process of setting up a connection with two machines is difficult, and there are many more videos or teaching articles on the Internet, and most importantly, you must have an Apple Watch This feature to perform. Therefore, most reviews return to the fingerprint unlock function.

In addition, love and a fiery heart wrapped in bandages have been added to update the emojis, and the black emojis of the original headphones have been transformed into the shape of AirPods Max. There used to be a lot of emojis for same-sex couples, and this update also includes different skin tones, beards and other shapes, so users can choose the more appropriate ones for the real situation. In addition, in response to security concerns, a protective helmet with original emoji stickers for rock climbing was added to the character’s head.

According to a previous version update, it may take a month or two for users to wait for the official version of iOS 14.5. If you want to experience the new features first, you can register your Apple ID on the Apple Beta Software Project website and download Public Beta to experience it. However, Public Beta is still an unofficial version, and its features and performance may not be as stable as the official version. It is recommended that you back up your iPhone before downloading; in addition, it is recommended that you install it on a device that is not being used or is operating for safety reasons.

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