Tuesday , May 18 2021

Wei Shao can change 2.5 points for help, and "potential data" completely dominate the league! NBA | Dynamic Network DONGTW

This year's NBA rollout ends, Thunder star Russell Westbrook has locked this season's average three times, and Westbrook has completed this achievement for three consecutive seasons.

But such great data can also lead to some controversy, ie some people think that Westbrook will only brush the data. It can not be said that this argument is completely unsuccessful because the Thunder is still struggling, and for the Thunder, Paul George's data are more relevant to the outcome of the team and its presence or absence against Thunder's net gain. The impact is enormous.

But it is not true that Westbrook data does not make sense, Thunder still needs his contribution, and his help numbers are really critical to Thunder. This season, Westbrook has not only created a super record "three consecutive three-year average", but also this season led the league in all categories of assists.

Currently, Westbrook averaged 10.7 assists per game, ranking first in the league, twice as the second-ranked Tyrannosaurus defender Kyle Lowry. While on average, potential assistants – including teammates – made minor offenses and missed hits – Westbrook averaged 20.6 points and was the only player in the NBA league that scored more than 20 points this season.

In addition, Westbrook can get a 26.2-point matchmaker with assistance, and his average support can turn into 2.5 points, which is in the first place in the NBA league.

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