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WSBL "beauty shooter last minute results Cathay continues to win undefeated – China Times News

WSBL overlord Cathay Women's Basketball Team faces again with Chunghwa Telecom's strong challenge, Huang Lingjuan singer singles in the fourth quarter of a single 10 points, and Zheng Yixiu scores, "double ten" jumps and 88:74 closed season 6 You can have a good year in the winning line.

Huang Lingjuan contributed 19 points in this battle, 10 of which came from the fourth quarter. After the final, the team scored 10 points and became 10 points, and after a sharp attack to stabilize the situation, she said: "Actually, there is no special pay attention to the pursuit. When you have a few more points, you can go back to it.

Huang Lingjuan added that although she showed many ups and downs, she started out of the bench this season, but she is still not ready to prove but does the best in ball and game training, and she is struggling with the newcomer Chen Wei . Good start line performance, she thinks it's a healthy competition, "I'm also motivated and want to be better. If my time is short, it means I did not meet the requirements of the coaching staff."

Guotai Zheng Yixiu (center) today paid 19 points and 11 rebounds for "Double Ten" data. (provided by the Chinese Basketball Association)

Cathay Pacific has won six games since the start of the season, and Chen Wei won 16 points for the second best in the team, but did not score at least 20 points in six consecutive games but did not marry, saying he wanted to share the ball and did not deliberately sought individual results; Yi Xiu paid 19 points and 11 rebounds of "double ten" data, but said modestly that he mostly carries out his duties in court, but is not satisfied with the fact that he has received four crimes.

The Telecom Women's Basketball Team has the highest score of 22 points and Xie Peijun is sponsoring 16 points.

Today is the last day of the WSBL the day before the lunar calendar Huang Lingjuan discovered that the coaching team intimately announced the holiday date before the high-speed train and Taiwan Railways opened a New Year ticket, so that foreign players can take advantage of the ticket on time and they can get it free week.

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