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Xbox Gold Member February Free game, four nostalgic classics 4Gameri

In February, Xbox released a free LIVE GOLD Gold game line. A total of 4 classic nostalgic games will allow players to play and enjoy the harvest to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Free time for Xbox Gold Member: 1-28. February, 2019 (US West Time)

"Devil City" game maker "Fifty 岚 孝 孝" created his own game company and developed a new work "Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night" through crowdfunding. Even the record of collecting more than $ 7 million is enough to show strong player support for the game maker.

In the original game, "The City of Blood Curse: The Nightmare" continues to be actively evolving to prevent too many players waiting, the development team has developed another "deadly manned" Blood Mantra game. City: The Bloodstained Moon Curse, some players try early and are well-received.

This style inherits the style and spirit of the "Devil City" series, allowing players to manage four different styles of protagonists for challenging action adventures.

The super-hard matrix game, "The City of the Blood of the Curse: The Curse of the Moon," is now available for free Xbox Gold players.

Free time for the Xbox Gold member:1-15. February, 2019 (US West Time)

The "Ubojica Dogma" action game released by Ubisoft has been launched for more than 12 years since the first generation of 2007. Cumulative sales of the entire series exceeded 100 million units.

In 2014, Assassin's Creed Rogue was launched on the Xbox 360. It is based on "The Seven-Year War of Britain and France" 1752-1761. And through down-compatibility, players can also experience this masterpiece on the Xbox One console.

In the game, the player continues to play the role of the Knights Templar, "shea", and participates in combat adventures on the American continent, the European continent, and even in the Arctic Circle. There is a sharp sea battle and marine hunting elements, which is a very unique style in the Assassin Dogma series.

Free time for the Xbox Gold member:February 16, 2019 to March 15, 2019 (US West Time)

One of the ancestors of the fun music game The "Bomb Superman" series is a classic masterpiece that many players have to play, and the game is simple but fun, regardless of whether men, women or children are fit, and friends and friends gather together they would fight fiercely and fiercely. Have fun with friends and family during the Spring Festival in February.

The latest series "Super Bomb Superman R" has won an outstanding role when it was launched in 2017. This game continues the spirit of the whole series, allowing the player to manage the superman's bomb, placing the bomb on the chess hall and bombing the opponents. .

The game is made in 3D format, the picture is more gorgeous, and the game has a variety of props so the multiplayer mode is more exciting.

This golden member can also get an extra character "The Last War" of the "Sergeant" series in the game. New Year's Eve is in the company of friends and family and will surely make you full of popularity at the beginning of the New Year.

Free time for the Xbox Gold member:February 16 – 28, 2019 (Western USA Time)

In 2003, "Star Wars Jedi III: Jedi Academy" was launched on the Xbox platform to allow players to play the role of students at the "Journey Academy". With the choice of content such as race, sex and clothing, players can create their own. Originally they created the exclusive Jedi.

Even the player's lightning gunner can be designed to handle certain items as well, and use these items to strengthen and transform their weapons. Today, the game allows players to experience the touch of this classic game again through a down-compatible way, and visual performance has evolved more.

There are other weapons in the game for use by players, such as light rifles, electromagnetic guns and so on. The game has individual and multiplayer modes, whether you are risking or playing with your friends to enjoy the game's unique entertainment.

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