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The upcoming presidential election in 2020. In the first places of the DPP, after former Prime Minister Lai Qingdao announced his election, he caused a shock to the Green Camp, so the president seeking re-election, Tsai Ing-wen, was as crunchy as and he, and recently said that Xiaoying's person is not ready Selected and Lai Qingde's discussion. In that sense, some netizens have expressed their opinion that Xiaoying is "smart", but if optimistic, the nudge commented that "Cai is not bad, but Lai Hai will raise the public question."

From Lai's election, the party's primary choices entered the stage of heavy enthusiasm. The voice of the party is constantly circulated, and in order to avoid the same room, Green Committee Xu Zhijie said that the president's attitude was to respect the coordination group's agreement and hope the fake data will be halted. He also suggested that "in accordance with the primary electoral system, to reduce the spark, if coordination is not available for political expression, it is not necessary to discuss." But he hopes that the DPP will make the candidates as soon as possible and bring the chicken to the party to win in 2020. Field choices.

According to "Apple," the president of DPP Zhuo Rongtai recently wondered if Tsai Ing-wen asked whether he wanted to discuss Lai Qingdeo or change the rules of primary elections. Zhuo "avoids talking about this issue," considered a British legislator Regardless of whether county magistrates or legislators have a system of "coordination and then surveys" during the primary election period, the coordination period must be as harmonized as possible, otherwise , according to the practice of the primary choices of prefects, to hold elections. Cracks, even in the case of elections within the general election, will be difficult to get back.

Batch kicks and kicks online forums for rural people to leave a message. (Picture / Cut from kick kick forums)
Batch kicks and kicks online forums for rural people to leave a message. (Picture / Cut from kick kick forums)

Some netizens think it is "smart, knowing to avoid the enemy," but more people think that "a discussion with Lai is still free, like suicide," "wants to choose President 2020, sooner or later to discuss," "Cai" a manuscript in English which is designated as Lai KO. "," Yao people should not be able to draw maps, it is difficult to draw. "" Lai Qingde can not discuss the full Taiwanese language. It will be an electrical explosion. Tsai Ing-wen. "," The debate will include "Human Question" and "Spot Response." These two Tsai Ing-wensa will lick Lai Qingde into French cuisine, "a good negotiator."

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