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Xiao DaluEx-girlfriend Zhang Jinfeng appeared on Sept. 4 on the TV show “Shaking You Ci” on high television to rediscover evidence showing the Tongan record.Hou YijunProlonged telephone harassment revealed he reported to Hou Yijun at Xingdahe Police Station. It was also revealed that if the other party spilled sewage again, it decided to file a lawsuit. Xiao Dalu responded to repeated appearances by his ex-girlfriend Zhang Jinfeng on the show.

Zhang Jinfeng said in the program that she dared to sit here and finally wanted to resort to the law: “I say that no amount can compare to others who spill sewage on me, so I have to resort to the law. Only a lawsuit can prove my innocence.” is that he went to the city to submit evidence: “If you still have to make these ridiculous statements, then I will sue.” Xiao Dalu today reluctantly replied, “Welcome to sue her,” which indicates that it is embarrassing enough. I answer again, I will not be a human being and I do not want to dance with her anymore.

Xiao Dalu and Hou Yijun dated 20 years ago. They announced their marriage in May this year, but it happened suddenly. Hou Yijun suspected that Xiao Dalu had a younger one, who was a producer of the programming department, but before the incident happened, Zhang Jinfeng’s PO friend on Facebook said the news was “Current World News,” Hou Yijun called her that harassed and asked her not to be happy that she was younger too.Zhang Jinfeng called Xiao Dalu when she was too angry.Zhang Jinfeng said she had no contact with Xiao Dalu, but because he called her Hou Yijun and set up a new one.She decided In the program, she revealed that Xiao Dalu saw that his ID card was free and that his ID card was forged? But Xiao Dalu actually replied, “I have a fragment.”

Xiao Dalu issued a total of 19 statements, saying she had many things that made him afraid to marry her. She was a terrible mistress, but she didn’t say that because of the mood to protect her. Zhang Jinfeng said in the program: “Please (Xiao Dalu) does not protect me and does not tell me what I did.” She also revealed that she went to Xingdahe City Police Station to report Hou Yiyun’s phone harassment, but police told her that a lawsuit could only be filed if her arm or leg was broken.

She said that when she became Hou Yijun, she also considered Xiao Dalu’s reputation when she broke up. She didn’t say that because Hou Yijun was an intervener, but it really was this minor third incident. Hou Yijun has made nearly 600 phone calls over the years, and she wouldn’t be sitting for 20 years. Here, because of the news that broke out on July 21 this year, but on July 10 and 11, she received silent calls in the middle of the night, so she went to adjust the communication records and found out that more than three calls were received in the middle of the night. The country is Nantou Shuili, and Hou Yijun is also from Nantou Shuili.

Zhang Jinfeng went on the show and asked for evidence for the lawsuit.Picture / Enabled by Hezhan
Zhang Jinfeng went on the show and asked for evidence for the lawsuit.Picture / Enabled by Hezhan

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