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AMH hormone levels measure the risk of infertility

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"Get married fast, hello" does not mean that you will not face the problems of "infertility". Make sure your body is ready. Increase your chances of running a little more and playing in the house

Dr. Theerayut Chongwutiwet, obstetrician, reproductive medicine specialist and head of the Center for Birth Technology, Phyathai 2 Hospital, found that currently 40% of married couples have infertility problems. Neither side can blame for this problem According to statistics, spouses who have experienced infertility are known to have the same reason for men and women, which is 40% for women and 40% for men, with 20% for both parties.

"Infertility in women can occur for a number of reasons. Whether it's genetic diseases Radiation that causes the ovaries to malfunction. Including the current lifestyle is susceptible to stress Another important cause of infertility is the age of a woman. Because nowadays people slowly marry before they ready to have children when they get old Normally, women have eggs in their ovary These eggs cannot multiply or regenerate When you enter reproductive age or first menstruation, there are only 3-4 hundred thousand eggs, and many eggs will grow every month and only 1 drop after use The number of eggs therefore began to decline and the quality deteriorated accordingly.As a result, women aged 40-49 and older have infertility problems and enter the age range 49-50 in the golden age. The ovary stops working. menopause And will not be able to have children "

But girls who are getting married soon should not be comfortable! Because there is a likelihood of premature ovarian failure (POI), one of the reasons that causes infertility This disease is found in people under 40 whose ovaries work less or have eggs in the ovary. Therefore, women are more vulnerable to infertility The cause of these conditions can be caused by diseases associated with the immune system. Genetic disease Receiving chemotherapy or radiation for treatment A we have also found that there are many patients with unknown reasons It is important that there are no symptoms in the early stages of premature ovarian failure. And it will send abnormal menstrual signals When the ovaries start to fail a lot However, women may know that they are premature ovarian degeneration. We can use the AMH hormone test for testing. Suggest that those who wish to have children at the age of 35 should hurry to provide this. Even if there are no abnormal menstrual symptoms

What is AMH? Why should a woman be tested?

AMH or anti-mullerian hormone is one of the hormones for women. The amount of eggs is related to the number of small eggs (antral follicles) in the ovaries, so doctors can use this hormone to measure the amount of eggs in the ovary. AMH is a new type of test that is very popular in foreign countries. More accurate than FSH: Follicle-stimulating hormone or ultrasound for egg counts during 2-3 days of menstruation. There is an easy way to test it, just draw blood to check the level. Anti-mullerian hormones (AMH) and submit blood samples to the laboratory The test results will be known within 1-2 days. If the AMH level is high, that means the eggs are high. If the AMH level is low, eggs are still in small quantities. Such tests will show that we must hurry to have children in no time. Either it will be allowed to last for a long time because the results will let us know how the ovaries function normally or not plan to continue with children. In addition, AMH can be used to predict ovarian responses in response to ovarian stimulation in the delivery process. And it is used to predict ovarian responses whether the risk of developing ovarian stimulation is too high or not. Therefore, women should hurry to come to the AMH to prepare for further pregnancy.

No worries if detected as a deteriorated ovarian condition, risk of infertility

However, premature ovarian failure is not considered a daunting task. Because it does not mean that if you have this disease you cannot have children. Recommend Consultation with a Doctor Finding Causes for Symptoms Not Exacerbating Or In case you do not know the exact reason Doctors advise you to take care of your health. Have sex during the ovulation period to give you the best chance of getting pregnant. But if they are still not successful, you can use techniques to help give birth Both inject semen directly into the uterus. IVF Or Out-of-Body Fertilization Success depends on many factors. Especially the age and health of both parents and mothers

"Infertility is a problem for many married couples right now. But with the development of medical technology, it is important to help make it no longer difficult for children. Infertility Treatment Center Phyathai 2 Hospital has physician specialists for infertility. plan to have children Consult a doctor and perform a basic health examination To prepare in advance for further children, Dr. Theerayut Jongwutiwet concluded

Interested in getting advice from a specialist doctor, you can contact the Infertility Treatment Center Phyathai Hospital 2, Building B, Floor 10, tel 02-617-2444 ext. 1057-8 Call Center 1772

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