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Army young person with the goal of life Daily News

Peak Army Young handsome students. Lace under the trees of great actors. Pichai win the Strategy This is the day of the youngest people in the fun industry. Walk in the fun of your choice. This Way It Comes With A Great Say Of 17 Years. All right, let's just say this. We believe the girls. I would like to know that more youths are facing the Peak Army more. That's why we talked to Peak better than love, we loved to sing for seven years.

"Peach loves Justin Bieber for seven years and then follows her dream, Peak will sing it forever, then I told him I wanted to enter the industry, I want to sing as a singer, Peak wants to study in England, I want to sing like Justin. I ask parents, but his father refuses to want to go I was only 11 years old I have to go alone Do all of you alone I'm worried we can live I'm sure we are not the same I do not know how Because of your parents, our family never seems to see children, but my dad will take care of how we eat, what are you doing now?

To live in England 5 How are you??

"The first year was very tough, I feel very lonely with the air that makes it easy to do (laughs) .We wonder what we are doing here, ask yourself that we are right, but finally, we think we decide to come here, so we have to live. without a friend at the time, because we're listening to him, but when we answer, we do not know, I do not know who I should talk to, I've finished my house now with my cousin But I did not even see it Like it was herself So read a book to solve loneliness One day Peg reads 6 months (laughs) but the advantage is that we know the terminology we did not know before It was an ancient language It was not so then Peek tried to practice English The house speaks loudly and goes to the head, he talks a lot, listening to him in the head The training culmination is a year longer than to talk to friends (laughs) than to be as fluent as today.Wake up for 4 years and think and dream in English Return to Thailand Do not speak clearly . I will go to "

How did you find out??

"At that time, I was planning to stay at home and relax for four months and then work, this is the first time I saw this movie, then I had to do with singing, auditioning and acting.

Has Peach ever been discouraged or too tired??

I've always been there if we think it's easy. This shows that something is wrong in this case. It would be such a day. Some days are very tired. But I told myself that tomorrow should be better today. "

Where is the highlight to be happy??

"My family, my dad, my aunt, my aunt, all of you, encourage me and support me." Everybody is always happy when I'm tired, she will be very happy when she sees the top performance, I see how she smiles. It's just like the culmination of a sense of people's dependence. "I saw him smile and the happy Peak would say that he went on. Nothing to lose Do it a smile every day."

Now Is The Peak Goal What Is It Placed??

I do not know how to do it. It depends on how it is judged. But for the top itself. Peak is the best. I'd like to fight full. Peak wants to be the inspiration for the next generation as much as possible. What are you doing to help others? Or social assistance. I'll do it. Personally, Peak himself achieved the goal. The first step is to become a singer. Now Peak is a singer. But now, the day is the top. Do it every day to work full time. I'll be back every day. The next peak should be developed tomorrow. Peach is meant to keep calm every day. Then focus on today to achieve the best. "

Do you remember the first day of the concert??

"The memory of that day was a day of childhood, Channel 3 night before the concert, a very heavy training, tired of it, the Peak was asleep, the next morning it was 6 o'clock in the morning for 7 o'clock to awaken 4 to wake up that day, (Laughs) There was a lot of sweating, but it was really real, but it was really a lot of fun. but when I was in the concert, that was really a try, I remember that day with a lot of screams, I do not live with her, but when we get down to the stage, we can do it. "

In this way in the future You want to have your big concert.?

I have to have it if it's possible to have that day. I do not know how long it will be. But Peak wants to have him that day. Peak believes that if we are committed to belief and belief, that must be true. For today, the peak is very little interrupted offline. Sleep at home is not a day. Every day the climax will be practiced. Or exercise. What is the difference between day and day? Peak wants to be Superman. Peak must make Superman. "

I asked some women what women like peaches.?

"To enter the drama in the 3rd is a very happy peak, because I like Peak Miu – Nitthi very often when it was not, then one day, Peak acquaints him, I like to look at him and shock him … I found him back (Laughter) I was embarrassed, but when I returned to thinking, why did not we go about painting it (laughing)? "

Have you ever had a boyfriend??

"No, never, from birth to today I've never had a boyfriend, we've never met anyone yet, I do not know what to do, but Peak has not always focused on it, but I have a friend who has a cheer, I love this person's love, but not the culmination. Since we came home, it does not look better.

Then the woman prayed to us. If it's a fan, what will it be??

"The woman came to me, I do not know it's nice, or they do not know about it (laughs) I think it would be because a friend said someone like us secretly I did not find Peak who is offline If that is not the case, I do not know if it is true, but if it comes as a fan It can be said that the top of the thought is before Because there are many factors I have to go through your parents, Pee Pee, much more But at home I said I do not have a girl It was not forbidden But he just said it was not the right time. "

I have to sit and think about it. Why do not we have time to live like a teenager or model?My friends, because we're old. 17 Why do you do this??

I have a friend in Thailand at the peak of a friend. Maybe you see some friends in the camp at Hua Hin. In Chiang Mai look at the profile very happy. Then settle for us. We were in a chair with a microphone and then a handset that was like this one year ago. It differs from our friends (laughs). Peak said at home, I want to go with friends. He is offline. But as we were away from home long enough to go home at home, it was a fee for these things. In the UK we had to compensate one of our teenagers (laughs). Because we have more goals we want to do. "

Then your father What kinds of items do we teach in this field??

"Yes, he will teach you to rest, respect you, who are you, who are you, where are you, I'll tell you the time, what do we have to prepare, discipline is important, you will learn this."

This is one of my favorite songs. Let's be successful on the road to sleep. Although tired, let's continue. To proud families and fans.

Report by Kanchana Sithimong

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