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As a goddess, he wins a pair of diamond veterans.

Like a young diamond

As Phra Siri did Derby under the influence of Lion City to win the first match. But be more like a big god. I have to admit I'm not the only one. Winner of the 105 pound Lumphin stage dominating the pair of young diamonds. On Friday, November 30, 2018, at Lumphini Arena.

The Diamond Battle At Singha Marvin (Blue) stage, Singha Marvin (Blue) won first place in the mini-left of 105 pounds. 2 Judge Judge Boonrat first fled as a big goal before 11-8, raising two impulses today to cheer up the excitement to the corner. roar loud But gods are not worried. Impact of elbow on the elbow to break the left eye. Full face of baths in the blood First of all, Jasno Dva lift lifted as much as 8-1. I like to shake my knees to kneel their knees tonight. I bet you wanna bet in the same way as gods make more than three times the same as 12-1.

Fourth, snap, punch, punch, spit Cheers try to replicate loudly. But the greater the impact of each knee, the impact of bending your knees. Bad Dodge To the influence that began to run out of money, four are the deity of lack of money to raise the last nothing to lose. It affects the suction suction adjustment. But that's just me. I do not care. The game started. It's like winning a fun ending. He won the championship of 105 lb. with score 49-47, there are three votes from top judges, Thammasat, Paijit Dittaporn, Boonpak.

Kata Tanapat (Red), Katy Perry Phuket, Blue Club (Blue), Supersports Championship, 154 Lbs. Judge Pongpan Ratanunthorn finished the first gold with 5-4, two of Cajana Brazil from the game to open a punch punch punch inserted into his knee before filling. Deputy Chief Gold tries to hook up the knee to exchange fun to raise two golds, 10-9 gold, raise three Cagayan and continue to catch her knees. Gold searches for her knees. Cataclysm does not bend to the knee of a knock until the sea breaks on the cheeks before the collar hit the ball, it raised three Katyrias who turned over 2-1.

Raise four goldfish, do not pull up, then lift this up. Wrestling Knee Fight with Cagan Fun. But the golden hand of the sea is better. What is the difference? Cagayan's chin on the arm does not go down with his waist. Hit another set The price moves four times to raise gold to 20-1. But the sea is not underprivileged. Hang the rhythm to burn time. Kagaya for herself. No problem. Goldfish win for fun. He won Lumphin stage of the 154 pound champion that Wisut Yingchai crowned as a 49-47 gold medalist. Sinchai Rasamee Fung, Watcharin Ratchanitr won the gold medal on 49-48.

Other pairs' results: Black Da Young Reduced Knocked Diesel Miniature Chatchanon 2, Diamond Diamond Stone City won a diamond. (Rachanon) raised two teeth, but the ankle had 8, but Metie Seven (Thai boxing) kicked his legs. I also have a veteran blast before the game to win the game, blue sky, lawyer Michel, veteran boxing game, better than boxed ball splash, knees, knees closed, shepherd won Diamond, win. Overlooking the River, New Year's Knock Knock

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