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AsiaNet Daily Summary – Press Releases for Friday, December 11, 2010 Asianet Press Release

AsiaNet Daily Summary – Press Releases for Friday, January 27, 2011 Asianet Press Release Water Attractions Mina. A giant retail business throws colorful statements.

Mrs. Premint LEONASET, Managing Director of Asia Riverfront, Asset World Retail Asset Management Co., Ltd., under the management of ASSET CORPORATION (TCC GROUP), said that for the final phase of 2016, Teck Riverfront Prepare lots of activities to accommodate the crowd.Thai and foreigners Especially with high lightLoy Krathong Festival And the countdown ends in 2018, with the big oneThe Tique Tower is a tall, high-rise, 8-floor building with fantastic 4d effects. Including spectacular fireworks. Make colors and atmosphereLast Quarter This also makes Asian teak. The purpose of the tourist.I want to experience joy.The end of this budget is over 20 million baht.

"Loy Krathong festival this year.From Nov. 21st to 24th, with the concept of "Happy Lighting & # 39; in order to preserve the tradition. And a good example.Go to the next generation. There are many activities like the DIY Krathong Ceremony. Contemporary art from the community of Famous Food. Including a mini conference party.With renowned artists such as lustful eyes are expected to be tourists.During the four days of the event, more than 200,000 people will attend the countdown on December 31st.Up to 150,000 people from different peaks. "We have a lot to offer," she said. Premint Leenasade.

Besides, Asian. It has created an outstanding open-minded shopping center along the Chao Phraya River.Fully integrated tourists canThe service is available in the restaurant.Wide variety of styles, menus and various products.The price is tricky. Enjoy the atmosphere.The most beautiful prince in the dungeon.Big Bangkok will be an important part of the city.Attracting tourists to use.Starting a business at the waterfront.It is believed to promote a job.Water is more lively. Creates a new feeling.Retail in Thailand ExperienceTravel with Differences. As a result, the number of tourists.Well, as well.

Mrs. Prime Minister LEONTHASIT said the company plans to expand and build its business in 2016.I know Thai users.They have never been to the outdoors experience along the mighty Chao Phraya River.The charms that users can use.Time to indulge in the atmosphere.During the night,Lifestyle of foreign buyers.Plan to expand a group of surfers.Cover the whole world with an emphasis on public relations.Foreign Growth There will also be new tops.It is important to attracttourists with a player imported fromThe earth will beI'm sure I'm Siri Trioslova sailboatIn the reign of King Rama V, he will be proud.Thai people remember the relationship.There was a water trade.Long time

"We also made a public plan.Together with tourist paradom.Thailand, TAT, government organizations, private sector and tourism associations. In the Tour of the Tour Promote the Tourists.Invite them to visit.AsiaTek includes improvements toThe slope of the parking slope For accommodation of tourists.Powerful and increase the privilege.Customer Service and Tourist Service.Free single travelers: F.I.T.More Countries Each strategy in each section will promote Asian culture.It's a place to visit.Rijeka Chao PhrayaMeaning of tourists.Standing, "concluded Ms. Premint LEONESTA.

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