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Bad Map Accelerate the spread of a hundred thousand flagship stores to consume.

Bad Map Accelerate the spread of a hundred thousand flagship stores to consume.

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"Sondhi Ratthanat" has ordered an increase in the country's leading trade. This is the first time I see this movie. Retail Sale Online …

Mr. Mr Sonthi sonthijiravong, Minister of the Economy, said on November 30th that he would encourage retail shops in the bazaar. General Trade Food Store Request a Prachatip Blue Flag Tradition Throughout the Country to Pay Goods from a State Care Certificate. Or signatures of the Government 100,000 public wages by the end of December 61, after more than 32,000 applicants, were added to support 3.08 million additional state subsidies. To use the card from 1 January 62 onwards.

"They are urged to speed up the small trade to become the leading trade in the Prachatai Blue Flag, as it is a nationwide welfare card, with up to 14.5 million, a significant purchasing power, and the government raised its cost of living to more than 4,000 million baht per month The government has already realized the real benefits The budget was approved by September 62. "The government has already realized the real benefits, and the budget has been approved until September 62."

There are also plans to increase the cost of buying cheap commodities. In agreement with the manufacturers of product manufacturing in the leading trade, the launch will be December 11, 61, which will have different products for life. And when it was launched. Distributes the product in the flag of the blue flag. For an emergency purchase. It is also open to all manufacturers to join the program.

To develop retail trade. Shops in rural areas, including the leading blue flag Online trading Discussed with the management of TOM Group, the founder of Ulee and its subsidiary. A Hong Kong militia agreed to send a team to Thailand in January 62 in order for Ulea's model to push retailers in Thailand to sell products on the net.

The Ulea Model is a Chinese project used to increase distribution channels in rural stores. By post of China It is a partner with TOM Group to launch the eCommerce platform to countrywide grocery stores. Products for sale on site. And when someone commands. The recipient will ship the postman. This will refer to Thailand. To sell in the village. Retail can be traded online.

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