Tuesday , June 15 2021

Bangsaphan Supervision of heavy rain 1 day

Flood in Bang Saphan District Prachuap Khiri Khan Begin to expose the Governor has assessed it. This is the first 1-2 days of heavy rain on the other.

The main road in the fishing passage and the passage to the city of Bang Saphan, while the PSC is not yet too risky. The three tanks at the end of the Tanaosri mountain are also very fertile. It's raining. The Meteorological Department today will also have another heavy rain.

Put Thanon Phetkasem, 15 km. Only House space is low in this area and in the area around this house. The villagers have revived the cleansing, as did the Bang Saphan hospital. The governor, together with the military commander, the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters Leading hospital staff Accelerate hospital cleaning to allow patients to serve. After the flood yesterday, she was injured.

The governor said the situation was getting better. I believe that if the rain falls again, it will go as smoothly as before. Because drainage is pretty good. And the small tank is not overflowing.

Head Prachuap Khiri Khan estimates that even water will begin to fall. But worried about the jungle. Because of the water level in Bangsaphan's channel. Not dangerous The Red Bridge was built in crisis, and three large reservoirs were built. Swim channel. Reservoir Wang Nam Khiew Baan Sai Thong Thong Reservoir If not filled out today. The crisis will surpass Bang Saphan Noi, Bang Saphan also has floods. It is the northeastern area of ​​the monsoon and the lowlands. Solve the problem of sustainable flooding. When constructing another tank, it will greatly reduce water. But it takes a long time.

The locals Tha Muena Moo 2 villagers about 10 households have to live. Temporary parking on the road due to water is discharged into the downstream area. In addition, the sinking of Tanaosri Mountain to the Thai Bay was accelerated to spread channels. Surveillance of Wang Yao area. If the sea does not support rain does not fall, the water will soon be reduced.

Public Help His Majesty It is ordered to set up a royal kitchen. At Bang Saphan Rice Cooker School Helps People Get Situation They Will Go Normal

Mid-term forecasts May be tropical storms. violence occurs Situation is closely monitored. And warn people to follow the prognosis.

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