Monday , March 8 2021

BNK48 Single 5 Billion

BNK48 fans "BNK Festival" CD single 5 "BNK Festival" to end the system to lose 3,000 copies within 2 hours, has won the right to choose the first six singles in sixth.

Today (November 8, 2006) Oktoberfest orders the BNK48 single "5" BNK Festival to slide until the system crashes. Via the website Since the camp has been pre-booked, it's the first day. Workpoint News reports now that 300,000 copies of the CD have been interrupted within 2 hours.

But about 18 o'clock. The camp is tweeted via Twitter. BNK48 #KimiwaMelodyTH Give hope to fans. BNK48 Single 5 still exists. From incomplete orders Reopen the order. About 19:00 past.

The News Team checked the site purchase. The message is up. "Now there are a lot of users. If you want to buy, sign up," the news team encourages OTA. BNK48 is the only one with the special privilege of the Code of Conduct. Or semi-finals in the 6th singles, which is the first. The camp gave fans the opportunity to choose sixteen in the new Cengbush.

So you will not miss it all. To order BNK48 Single 5 "BNK Festival" to get the right vote for your favorite members. The concert will be released. It is held at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani on January 26, 2019.

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