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Boost the "EEC" robot

Thailand needs to speed up adaptation Reduce dependence on work Using automated robots and robots So it will be able to raise product quality and cost to fight with global competitors If Thailand has a robotic industry base and strong automation, it will attract technology companies to invest in Thailand

Boost the "EEC" robot

The investment situation in the world changed, robots and automation replaced more workers. And after the government has a policy of encouraging entrepreneurs to use robots and automated machines Including the promotion of investment in the domestic robotics industry The consequence of this is the growing use of robots in Thailand Special promotion of a special project for the development of economic balconies in the East (EEC EEC), focusing on 10 targeted industries, one of which is the robotics industry.

(Chit Lao Wattana)

The hot robot industry

Currently, Thailand has an industry with a large production base. And robotic use and automation in the production line more, such as the automotive industry and the electronics industry, etc., which helps increase the country's potential in building a robotic manufacturing industry. As for the direction of the robot industry, what is the trend? Mr. Chit Laowattana, Founder of the Institute of Field Robotics (Fibo) He found that industrial robots and industrial automation (Automation at the factory is a new Essex group that can create tremendous value for the national economy. At present, such industrial groups are almost all related to all business sectors that require technology. Big Data System And Modern Innovations Coming to Management Including Increased Work Costs Decreasing Including Increasing Productivity

It is therefore considered that Thailand needs to accelerate its adjustment. Reduce dependence on work Using automated machines and robots So it will be able to raise product quality and cost to fight with global competitors If Thailand has a robotic industry base and strong automation, it will attract technology companies to invest in Thailand

Promote investment benefits

However, the Institute cooperated with it Office for Promotion of Conventions and Exhibitions (Public Organization) Bring the story and the results of the study to a cabinet meeting to approve measures to promote the robotics industry in the country. And production of staff to support at least 1.5 thousand people with conditions for subsidizing raw materials and products in the country not less than 30% in exchange for tax relief for 3 years of investment and other offers withdrawal of foreigners in investment

At present, the Investment Committee (BOI) has accelerated the promotion of entrepreneurs to change technology to use more robots and automated machines. But it still adheres to rules that give benefits to industrial groups It is not possible to separate promotion as an activity Involve certain operators not to receive benefits such as the CP group, SCG, HomePro, Saha Pathanapiboon Which will invest in a large, intelligent warehouse Or invest in manufacturing systems in factories using robots and automated systems for use Because of the cement industry Construction Materials Not in the business being promoted, therefore, the issue of this special committee will be considered development policy in the eastern Thai region. To allow this industry to invest

Large private investors invest in the EEC

Mr. Chit This is in the interest of the investor in the EEC area. The big company is looking for a big investment. Some areas require more than 1000 rai develop the city of the robotic industry There are currently 7-8, and most of them are from China and Japan. What is considered a global robotics market and automation systems It is expected that after the acquisition of a new government in this industry there will be a lot of investment demands.

However, it is expected that within three years the demand for robotics and automation in Thailand will be 4-5 billion blah, while the supply should have a total investment of 2-3 billion bahta from the big capital group. Especially in the EEC Since the publication of investment requests by the Investment Directorate (BOI), there is a total investment requirement of about 6.78 billion, of which over 50% or around 3.37 billion. With Robots and Cars What Does the Report of the International Alliance of Robots (IFR) states that by 2019 the robotics and automation market will rise by 19%, making it the number one growth of ASEAN. And the fourth is in the world

Mr. Chit says EEC are supported by international investors. And investing in Development of Personnel to Meet Increased demand to help the industrial sector to have skilled workers if needed Thai people will have more work. Less Unemployment The other side is the supply of machine tools and the transfer of new technologies to all those strategies that require Thai people a better quality of life. With Greater Economic Stability Including the country's inclusion in the middle income trap For progress on Thailand's leap, etc.

"The innovations we are looking for from many entrepreneurs Especially in the Es Curve industry (S-curve) A key question that requires knowledge and leading technology for strengthening in various areas of Thailand because the United States, China and many other countries can quickly develop advanced technologies and technologies. But while overseeing the investment strategy in the EEC, we have found that we can promote the import of new technology through foreign investments. said Mr. Chit

Do not worry even if you change a new government

said Mr. Chit In the event of a new government change No matter which government comes the EEC Act continues because there is a Law Like Big Projects. Whether it's a train project, they believe three airports, The Quick Train Project At this time, the relevant agencies continued with the project. The main infrastructure will speed up the process When the new government enters, it can move forward.

Mrs. Nichapa Yoswee Senior vice president of the business sector said that TCEB is ready to support an exhibition in Thailand that supports 10 targeted industries. Under the policy of driving the economy to Thailand's 4.0 government, Thailand has strong foundations for organizing trade fairs. Therefore it is ready to upgrade to show greater automation and robotics technology

For Thai fairs related to robotic systems Sahran will be on the mechanical group In Thailand. UFI 5 works together where TCEB has been supporting for 5 years, so there were only five incentives, and for getting UFI certificates to increase the number of participants, bring technology. Join more work The number of investors or owners associated with automation is increasing, and the main problem with TCEB is to use this fair as a platform for accessing Thai entrepreneurs. Foreign innovation without traveling abroad So we are trying to provide non-cash support to close the opportunity for the organizers to enter the country as much as possible.

Robot industry grows 20%

Prain Apinoraseth, President of Thai Automation and Robotics Association (Thailand)TARA said that the use of industrial robots in 2018 has expanded by no less than 20%, with more than 3,000 but still lower than the global average of 25%. It can grow by more than 20%, mostly in the automotive and electronics industries. For the small and medium-sized industry, robots are used to grow by about 10%.

In the past, the Government aims to promote the use of robots in 3 business groups, namely Industries requiring emergency robots Increase competitiveness, including the automotive industry and intelligent electronics. Food and Agriculture and Industrial robotics and automation To support an older society

However, the growth rate of Thai industrial robots, which grew by 20% a year, if the government continues to promote the incentive for small and medium-sized enterprises to use more robots. Maintaining economic growth of 4% per annum is expected to within five years demand for domestic robots be sufficient to set up production facilities.

It must follow that the robot industry will then move in any direction How much can it be used to replace a worker? And will the EEC have real needs? All this must follow the next episode. That people or robots will answer more

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