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But come on! "Muay Thai"

Muay Thai in the era. To rejoice in the army of "elephants of the battle" to fight the game in Buggy Jalil, he persuaded Thailand to surely break the "yellow tiger".

Projected P. Chanchana Muaythai Gym Muay Thai at the time. The winner of the Champions League winner does not lose during the fighting in the year 2561 revealed that TrueID Sport is the force for the Thai national team to fight with Malaysia in the fight against Bukit Jalil. Tomorrow (Saturday, December 1, 2018) that Thai set is hard enough. And good enough to surely defeat Malaysian defeat.

"Besides boxing, I have to admit that I'm a special Thai football team, I'm a Thai boxer, and a fan, I want to go." The national team is afraid to be afraid to say that there are almost a hundred thousand, and we have millions of people who may not even fly. we've been glad to see the TV screen and I want everyone to know that all Thai people are always encouraging. "

The Thai team has a better technique. disciplined I am very confident that Thailand will be able to win in Bukit Jalal. We're just concentrating. Follow our games. Do not go to bed Or the decision that can be. If we are sharp enough, Malaysia has nothing to do, I was confident we won in the first match.

The Thai team has a good record. Malaysian team 13-year-old ASEAN Champion won 3 and lost 3, but the elephant never won yellow shirts at the national stadium Bukit Jalil. In the first round, 2012 was 1-1 in the first round and in 2014 was 2-3 in the second round.

For Thai nationals to visit Malaysian national team. At the 2018 ASEAN Championship, the first semi-finals were held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium on December 1 at 19.45. Then return to another house on December 5, 2561 at the Rajamangal Stadium at 19:00. Thai Major Tickets Live on HD 7 and Bugaboo TV.

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