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‘Chang-Bangchak-BCPG’ teams up with ‘AMG’ to organize 5th year of youth struggle for career

‘Chang-Bangchak-BCPG’ teams up with ‘AMG’ to organize 5th year of youth career struggle

Mr. Pornpong Petchlum, President of Chang – AMG Thailand Junior Golf Tour and Mr. Down Pakorn Ratanasuwan, Vice President of Chang – AMG Thailand Junior Golf Tour, together with Mr. Surapon Utintu Executive Office for External Coordination, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, chaired the inaugural press conference youth golf tournament. “Chang-AMG Thailand Junior Tour Tour 2021” with Mr. Warakorn Kosonpisitkul Executive Vice President Marketing Department, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited and Ms. Priyada Wuthipakdee, Senior Director BCPG Public Company Limited, Corporate Communications Department joined the press conference on this year’s competition.

Mr Pornpong said the Chang-AMG Thai Junior Golf Tour 2021 entered its fifth year this year so we were able to turn many young golfers into professionals. Although last year We have to face the epidemic of COVID-19. Causing disruption to sporting events around the world Ni golf. The golf business is affected in all sectors. Whether it’s a golf course, a caddy, a competition organizer Or even the athlete himself and forcing us to adjust the way we compete in accordance with the COVID-19 control measures policy. Public sector strictly

Pornpong said the 2021 tournament still hosts eight events, and one in eight has been certified by the R&A World Amateur Ranking Golf (WAGR). As for the concept of competition, we are still in a new normalcy, with stricter measures. This ensures that all golfers, coaches and parents compete safely without COVID. “

“Chang – AMG Thai Junior Golf Tour Last year was very challenging for us. But we can turn the crisis into an opportunity And continue to support the development of athletes until they too are successful Which is why our tours continue to develop and grow First of all, supporters. We have fans who share the same goals and approach and continue to support us. It aims to create space for training and skills development for young golfers to reach a higher level. It can build the country’s reputation in the future thanks to Chang, Bangchak and BCPG as they have recognized the importance of organizing golf tournaments for young people. “

According to our policy from the beginning, Creating Professional Athletes on a Global Level Aims to be our Pro Rings, and four years ago there were young athletes who went on tour. And he is currently stepping up to become a professional There are many people who build a reputation on a professional level, such as Pro-Pop, Kultida, Brahmin Phan, the pro-French Thanarat Srisathaporn. We also have athletes who receive scholarships to study abroad, like “Nong Park,” Sathasamariyachatvekin. Currently a golfer of the Thai national team, “Nong Prae” Noramonuchasila, etc.

In 2021, we also have more partners in the field of education. The “University of Assumptions” allowed athletes to study for further education. And an athlete in the project “University team for the assumption of the University” as an additional part Because we want to simultaneously develop athletes in both education and sports. First time on the road University Assumptions Provided higher education opportunities to young golfers participating in the Chang – AMG Thailand Junior Golf Tour 2021

In addition to education, we also strive to develop skills, spread knowledge, increase skills in golf in all dimensions by organizing activities. Chang-AMG Junior Golf Camp, another activity to be added this year. As for the support of golfers who will be part of AMD’s family with the AMG Junior Golf Team program, we continue to support them. Eight golfers who won 1st place (Order of Merit) in all age groups, both men and women join our family. Continue to support capital in the skills development competition This includes LOUDMOUTH clothing used in the 2021 competition. There will also be special prizes. 2 more awards were added: Players of the Year, Best Players, Men and Women. We choose between golfers who have the most accumulated points during the season. (Including all age groups) 1 man and 1 woman “

Mr Surapon said Elephant Drink has been supporting Thai golf for more than 15 years with the aim of developing the whole system. From the youth level To a career with a focus on development from the youth level Therefore they have initiated various youth golf tournaments This is an opportunity for golfers across the country to have a platform for the tournament. Keep finding good golfers. Attending golf skills training clinics from the grounds to PGA Tour Academy camps to create and develop a golf course according to international standards. By selecting youngsters for athletes under ThaiBev ThaiTalent, who over the past 15 years have had young golfers who have grown into a wide range of professional golfers such as Pro Gun Charoenkul, Pro Fever Nitithatipong, Pro Ray Amarin Kraivichien, Protee Phisit Chaitipong and many others, which is all product and determination to create and lead Thai youth on the world stage “

For the youth golf tournament Elephant Drink “Chang – AMG Thailand Golf Golf Tour” Provides support for the third year in a row, which is another phase that allows children He had an even more competitive arena And continuous skills development There are 3 of 8 games for “Elephant Drinks”, namely “Chang Junior Golf Master”, “Chang Junior Golf Championship” and “Chang Junior Golf Classic”.

In addition, “Chang” organized a tournament for tertiary golfers, “Chang Golf U Champions Cup 2021”. “Chang – AMG Thailand Golf Tour”, a total of 5 courses for children Tertiary level There is also a platform for skills development. “Elephant Drink” hopes that “Chang – AMG Thailand Junior Golf Tour” will be another tour that will create children. Demonstrated potential Build momentum and develop potential To grow into a quality golfer in Thailand and become a world golfer in the future “
Mr. Warakorn Kosonpisitkul Executive Vice President Marketing Business

Mr Warakorn said sport is one way to empower people to be a vital force in social development. And to help build the nation’s reputation, Bangchak has a comprehensive and sustainable program to support the development of youth sports skills, such as the Bangchak Youth Football Club, by supporting various sports associations in the Bangchak Golf section. For example, “Queen’s Cup presented by Bangchak” continuously supports professional and amateur competitions, for example, “Queen’s Cup Presented by Bangchak”, Queen’s Cup Golf Course in King Rama IX. For the past five years, Bangchak has continuously supported AMG’s youth golf tour. Bangchak wants to create a platform for young golfers. He developed a higher level of athletic skills

With continuous and sustainable development Opportunities for young golfers. You have come to compete and gain experience To upgrade your skills and prepare for professional competition, Bangchak is ready to encourage young Thai golfers towards excellence. And able to develop to grow into a quality golfer And for the benefit of the country in the future. In 2021, there are 3 tournaments, “Bangchak Junior Golf Open”, “Bangchak Junior Golf Classic” and “Bangchak Junior Golf Championship”. It is certified by R&A’s World Amateur Ranking Golf as the World Amateur Golf Ranking List. “

Ms. Priada said the BCPG has a policy of caring for society. Joint business for the environment Sport and youth are part of our society to encourage further development. Sport is another thing we focus on. We focus on organizing competitions as a platform for athletes to develop their potential. And supporting the athlete to be encouraged to continue building Thailand’s reputation As in the golf segment We support “Pro Waen” porn Anong Phetlum, this is the fifth year we have long supported the ring. Pro Waen is considered an LPG athlete who inspires and is an idol for children. Many young people, we think in the future there will be more and more people following in the footsteps of Pro Waen.

“BCPG” has seen five young golfers with the potential and sporting discipline of the AMG tournament arena over the five years we have supported, “BCPG.” He continued and supported good activities This year BCPG has two competitions: “BCPG Junior Golf Open”, which will be the first course of the season 2021 from 13 to 14 March, and “BCPG Junior Golf Classic” will be held from 25 to September 26, 2021. Both competitions will compete on the golden golf course of Phoenix, Chonburi Province, which is a challenging course and has been used in many world-class competitions. In the program, especially Ladies European Tour, “BCPG” wants this tour to be a platform and an opportunity to encourage athletes to improve. We would like to see a Thai professional on the world stage. And I sincerely hope that the scene of this tour will create a new generation of pro golf with quality to the world stage and build a reputation for the country in the future. “

Mr. Downpakorn added This Due to the coronavirus outbreak situation In the competition Chang – AMG Thai Golf Tour of Thailand We have established verification measures, regulations for athletes, coaches and parents as announced by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Regarding the guidelines for the implementation of measures to mitigate the activities of COVID-19 and sports activities (No. 1), children, youth and parents who participated in the competition can be sure that our tour can compete properly. Absolutely safe

“Readiness for this year’s competition Our team is prepared for the tournament and takes into account the safety of all. Therefore, be sure to strictly follow government regulations.” Do not underestimate – the ticket does not fall. “Of course.”

The “Chang-AMG Thailand Golf Tour Tour 2021” will be held at eight events, as follows: Item 1 BCPG Junior Golf Open 13-14. March 2021. Phoenix Gold Golf Course, Chonburi Province. Item 2, Chang Junior Golf Master, April 10-11, 2021, Lake View Resort, Phetchaburi Province, Item 3, Bang Chak Junior Golf Open, 15-16. May 2021, Pattawia Century Golf Club, Chonburi Province, Item 4: Bangchak Junior Golf Classic, 19-20. June 2021, Suan Stadium Son Pradipat, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

Case 5 Chang Junior Golf Classic, July 17-18, 2021, Pattawia Century Golf Club, Chonburi Province, item 6th Chang Junior Golf Championship, 21-22. August 2021, Pattawia Century Golf Club Chonburi Province, Item 7 BCPG Junior Golf Classic September 25-26, 2021 Phoenix Gold Golf, Chonburi Province, List 8 is the World Amateur Golf Ranking World Amateur Golf Ranking, Bangchak Junior Golf Championship. 5-7. October 2021 (TBA)

For parents and golfers interested in participating You can follow more information on the page. Official line: @amggolf or call 098-260-5547

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