Sunday , June 20 2021

Congdon gear shredding! Vietnam has not missed the Lao Comfort AFF Suzuki Cup.

Congdon gear shredding! Vietnam does not miss the Lao Comfort AFF Suzuki Cup

Vietnamese teammates show Laos attack 3-0, reaching goals Nguyen Cong Phuong, Nguyen An Duc and Nguyen Quang Hai in AFF Suzuki Cup. 2018. The first two groups on November 8, 61.

AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 group The first meeting of the second meeting of the Laos team opened a new Laos National Stadium Laos to visit Vietnam.

Vietnam seems to be a form of higher prices, clear Laos at 3-0 with the goal of Nguyen Cong Phuong 11, Nguyen Anh Duc 45 + 2 and Nguyen. It has 68 points, which resulted in 3-point Vietnam with Malaysia. But the better, the better.

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