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Contents of the drama Wan Thong, the drama of Channel 31

Contents of the Golden Day

A beautiful woman who is branded as a woman of two hearts.Nathong “Mai-Davika” It’s cheap Colonel “Colonel Won Sawadee” Judge after the battle for her. Wanthong during Khun Phaen “Pong-Na Wat” and Khun Chang “Chakrit Yamnam” Former best friend who fell in love with the same woman

Golden day

For the end of the story Phanwasa therefore gave her an ultimatum that Ms. Wanthong would choose who to live with !!! But he could not have chosen that golden day by angering Phanwasa that he had immediately ordered his execution This act was to demand justice for himself. Ms. Wanthong asked for one last chance to share this complicated love story with society.

Golden day

Come and listen to the truth on the other side of the legend of love, 1 woman, 2 men no one knows And finally, “Mrs. Wanthong” will be a woman with two hearts like anyone Did you brand her or not? Together to find the answer in the drama Wanthong every Monday, Tuesday at 20:15 on Channel 31, the drama Wanthong airs first on Monday, March 1 64

Sample drama Wanthong

Details of the play by Wan Thong

  • Adaptation of Literature: Khun Chang Khun Phaen
  • Directed by: San Srikaewlor
  • Television screenplay: Pimada Pattana Alongkorn, Pimsirin Phongwanichsuk, Jutima Yamsiri
  • Produced by: Takonkiat Veerawan, Niphon Phuenen

List of playwrights Wanthong

  • Wan Thong played Mai – Davika Hoorne
  • Khun Phaen played by Pong-Na Wat Kulratanarak
  • Khun Chang played Chakrit Yamnam
  • Play Ngam / Phra Wai starring Tong Tong – Kritsakorn Kanokthorn
  • Buakli played Cher Belle-Lallinte Chasawet
  • Lao Thong performed by Ben-Reviyanan Thakerd
  • Noah played Lily-Phanthilawin Pansiri Thanachote
  • Saithong performed by Fresh – Arisare Wongchali
  • Keaw modiya starred Koy-Korochakarn
  • Colonel performed by Bird – Colonel Wan Chan Sawadee
  • Phra Suriyong Devi performed by Nui-Sujire Arunphiphat
  • Thepthong was played by Tuk-Ta Tung Kamani
  • Sri Prachan performed by Jum-Uthumphon Silapan
  • Thongprasri performed by Jib-Pavene Chareefsakul
  • Khrua Ta Chu played the vice president

Golden day

Golden day

Golden day

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