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Daily Horoscope, March 16, 2019 | Daily news

solar news March 16, 2019, 2019 Monday Apocalypse bengals Straight on Saturday, up to 11 nights, 4 months a year Rising Sun Time 06.26 hours. Right at noon 12.27 hours. sunsets 18.29 hours. Monday falls Time 02.19 hours.

today Time 00.00-21.54 Daochan Sawoei Punnapasakasatkrak Favorit 7, which consists of time bombers, means a killer, time 21.55-24.00. 00.00-24.00 hrs. Happy Direction – North Unsustainable Direction – South Day Color – Black, Happy – Blue Sky, Unfortunate Color – Fresh Green Zodiac in Sri Sathit-Zodiac Zodiac that Kali Sithit – Aquarius

He was born today Brave when it is difficult to raise children Often from growing habitats to wealth assets Generous, open, honest, love, honor, love, dignity, intelligence, good memory, good intelligence, straight forward, do not adore anyone to speak, have a sense of a girl With a strong heart, morality, honesty, love, honor, philanthropy, self-confidence, courage, discretion, courage, love, education, teaching, thinking, pessimism Have a great responsibility Will be Famous Like being behind and collecting

Sunday Travel should be sensible. Pay More Costs Watch out for the culprits of the enemy. To do anything, be careful. If neglect is dangerous You should be careful of maintaining good health It will be your old friends to come and find more training. There are new initiatives

Born on Monday No revenue for revenue retention. Good health is maintained You have problems with your family Work has problems to solve. It will get news on the distance. It's a good idea to check the state of the vehicle There are also the strangers coming to the association.

Born on Tuesday There will be more education, training, happiness, chaos, happiness, results, revenue for any job will be successful. Superstitious sex provides support in various areas, and work should be aware of the goal. Lifestyle will change.

Born on Wednesday With Thinking Thinking Knowing the Truth, Doing Any Work, Will Meet Your Desires Enemies Will Lose It. You have problems with the opposite sex People at long distances come to find You will get gifts, souvenirs The lost items will be returned. It will get a higher level of education

Born on Thursday More aware You will have a feeling of restraint Have more knowledge based on academic principles There is luck in eating. The enemy will be defeated. Lost or unprocessed property will be returned. It will get good learning

Born on Friday During this period, experiencing a lot of chaos, the Magic will shrink. It will be a good fortune. Keeping good health Take care of the disease. The disease disappeared, and then again the Family caused trouble. Get friends at long distances There is a question of understanding with lovers.

He was born on Saturday Care for Family There are initiatives, new projects, things that have been done will result. It will get a satisfactory fee Problems that are unfinished if resolved in time, bad things will become good. People close to losing money.

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