Monday , May 17 2021

DEDE offers 142 energy-saving labels – innnews

Mr. Yongyuth Sawasdisanee, Deputy General Director of the Department for Development and Alternative Energy Efficiency (DEDE), found that DEDE has organized a celebration ceremony that saves energy. 142 entrepreneurs from the project "Highly efficient machines and materials to promote energy conservation" labeled "7,655,410 marks from 257 brands in 19 product groups" What is considered a successful project and has increased compared to the previous year, reflecting the energy efficiency label Will help a guarantee for consumers to buy products and also to promote energy conservation in the country According to the Ministry of Energy Policy According to the Energy Saving Plan 2015-2036

In this regard, DEDE has prepared such a project since 2007, with a total of 38,744,969 units of labels being delivered. More than 28,000 million items

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