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Do not charge another high blood pressure medication & # 39; Losar & # 39; Instead of the previous year Do not worry, there are other options.

On March 15, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Dr. Thares Koratsanawiriwong, General Secretary of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announces withdrawal of high blood pressure medicines, Losar, such as the United States and Canada recall high blood pressure treatment . Nitrosamines are some N-Nitroso-N-methyl-4-aminobutyric acid (NMBA) Hetero Lab Limited (unit-1), which is a raw material produced in India, because carcinogens have been found in the substrate in the production of such drugs in laboratory mice. In Thailand there was an investigation and it was discovered. Instead, there are 9 pharmaceutical companies importing yalazar. There are also registered recipes that can be marketed in the country, and there is also one company, namely the company Berlin Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. which imported 8 raw materials that have problems from India, production and production as finished medicines, 2 registers, the total formula 142

Dr. Thares said that for a finished medicine, 2 registrations, consisting of 1.LANZAAR 50, registration number 1A 20/53 (NG), a total of 81 models of production or production model, 1800670 – 1800697, 1800839 – 1800850, 1800927 – 1800942 , 1801034 – 1801041, 1801135 – 1801143, 1803285 – 1803291 and 1803841 and 2.LANZAAR 100, registration number of formula 1A 3/58 (NG), total of 61 production models, ie production model 1800698 – 1800707, 1800788 – 1800797, 1800943 – 1800958 , 1800994-1801009, 1801236, 1803622-1803629

We agreed to do so with pharmacies, clinics and hospitals in order to keep track of the patients who have already received the medication and then come back to replace them with other medicines. As for the present people who have such medicines in their hands, they may ask for a drug change at the clinic or hospital. Who is now preparing a new cure for remission But if it is not appropriate to return, the drug can still be eaten Due to the presence of carcinogen in laboratory rats

Dr. Surachak Kewwiwat, Deputy Secretary-General, said last year there was a similar charge for treating hypertension. Instead, Varsar This year, which has been restored to the new Ali in a high blood pressure medication group, this can cause people's concern about drug use in other drugs. I would like to know that other people have no problem. Search for people not having medicines Because it is a medicine used to treat high blood pressure Including heart disease What is an important disease if it is badly treated or lack of medicines there is a chance of heart attack, paralysis, paralysis and can die in a short time So you do not have a lack of medication

Mr. Suchat Jongprasert, director of the Drugs Office, said that due to the problem 2 times in the group of drugs for reducing the pressure is now strict. Therefore, it is necessary to expand and review other antihypertensive drugs if there is a tendency to encounter the same problem or not At the same time asked the operator to review the substances used in the production of all kinds of antihypertensive drugs.


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