Wednesday , June 23 2021

Do not miss! "Coach Mac" so that the Thai kick could win the World's Final Score.

"Coach Mac" Chatchawan White, assistant coach Taekwondo. The Taekwondo World Series Grand Prix 2018 will win the gold medal, according to the Taekwondo Sports Federation. Setting goals …

November 21, 2006 Taekwondo Movement End of the Year in the "2018 Fujairah World Taekwondo Grand Prix" in the United Arab Emirates. This is the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) G8 tournament or 80 winners, which will select 16 athletes of four weight classes, men and women.

Thai Taekwondo team In the 49 kg race, women Panipat Wongpatana, one of the best athletes in the world, has three athletic athletes, the other two 58 kg, Teerin Hanbrake and Ram Narongsakwari.

The last three athletes control the weight in their coordinates. After practicing warming and double kicking, there was no weight problem today. Weighing takes place at the Concord Hotel. The city of Fujairah Hotel is a Thai athlete.

For this competition, three people are ready to compete. And trying to make the best of "Coach Mac" Chatchawan White's winning coach admitted that the World Grand Prix is ​​very difficult to win a gold medal. For every athlete who traveled. All good and strong. I believe that Thai athletes have the opportunity to win the championship as the goal of Pimol Sriwikorn, Taiwan's Taekwondo Association president.

For "2018 Fujairah World Grand Prix Taekwondo" will be split late in the evening. It will be divided into the world championship and compete for two days, November 22 is about 16 people to the semifinals. The 8 finals will compete on November 23.

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