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"DOHOME" knocked on the IPO on July 23 with the goal of raising green paper for 56.16 million shares, investing 300 million in 7 branches in the year 64

To Home Public Company Limited or DOHOME expects to use the IPO on July 23 through the construction of a book and foresees the first trading day on August 6, 62, with the aim of raising green to 56.16 million shares Stabilize the stock price during an unstable market It spends a large budget of 250-300 million beans per branch sum 7 Branch within one year 2564

Mr. Anuwat Ruensuk, Managing Director of Capital Market Phatra Securities Public Company Limited, as Financial Advisor, View Home Public Limited (DOHOME), said that as of July 23, IPO price will be expected to be used so make a bid. The sale of shares from the survey on the construction of books by institutional investors is expected to be able to trade on the first day on August 6, 62, offering shares for the IPO to raise capital by no more than 456.16 million shares and existing shares offered on sale by existing shareholders. No more than 8.88 million shares, a total of 465.04 million shares with a nominal value of 1 baht divided into 60% of institutional investors, and the remaining 40% were sold to major investors

In addition, there may be a surplus of shares. (Green Chu) amount not exceeding 56.16 million shares, which amounts to a maximum of 521.2 Million shares or equivalent 28.1% of total issued and paid ordinary shares of the Company After this offer In order to stabilize the stock price during market conditions, Variety It may have the ability to lower the price of the bid At the same time, more than 20% of existing shareholders who do not have a silent period will not sell, sell, transfer and convert stocks for one year after the registration.

With Securities Distribution is 1. CASHORY SECURITIES 2. Phatra Securities is a patron and there are three other companies that sell. 1. SCB Securities 2. Krungsri Securities Co., Ltd. 3. Thanachart Securities

"We have visited more than 30 domestic and foreign institutional investors, and for some time we started to establish institutional investors. It is believed that the bid will be about this July 23, using the method of building books for institutional investors, both Thai and foreign," said Mr. Anuwat.

Mr. Phongsak Prukpaisan, Managing Director of Kasikorn Securities Public Company Limited, as Financial Advisor, View Home Public Company Limited or DOHOME, said that the proceeds from fundraising would mainly be used to repay the debt of a financial institution. In order to reduce the debt and equity ratio from 3.5 times to less than twice, the company currently has receivables from Kasikorn Bank in the amount of 4,101.29 million assets and has receivables from Kiatnak's bank in the amount of 51.37 million, the rest will be used. In the Expansion of the IT System Development and Crafts Industry At present, the Securities Commission (SEC) has approved the company's lighting. Which is currently in the process of providing information to institutional investors to provide information before determining the final bid price

Mr. Adisak Mitrpracha Director, DuHome Public Company Limited or DOHOME, Retailer and Service Provider for Building Materials and Home Equipments (Destination for All Products in One Place). The company focuses on the development and supply of quality products. Different and Complete At a Competitive Price Under the concept of being "right, good … looking at home" for more than 36 years DOHOME has been preparing for the upgrading of a management team and a professional team with experience and expertise. And opening up the distribution center Including planning to expand new branches to potential areas for supporting the expansion of the building materials industry and home improvement equipment Including the expansion of the urban society and increasing demand for target customers

Currently there are 9 open branches, Ubon Ratchathani, Nakhon Ratchasim, Rangsit, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Rama 2, Bang Bua Thong, Chiang Mai and Bang Na. Sales space and warehouse are about 35,000 – 65,000 square meters per branch. Including 1 distribution center in the Pathum Thani province, divided into 3 main groups, namely Building Material Repair Materials and Decorative Materials Including more than 135,000 items (SKU) and during the month of October, the 10th branch office in Phetkasemu will open.

In addition, DOHOME sells more than 20,000 DOHOME brand products such as tools, hardware, doors, windows, tiles, sanitary ware and other high quality products at a price. It can compete Including and develop online distribution channels Which can respond to the changing lifestyle of users and with the features of the products that are wide and in depth Competitive price and complete service What does the delivery service do Maintenance and repair services Installation and installation services Consultant services and decorative design I special product procurement services, with major customers, namely, shops, contractors and project work Government agencies and state enterprises Including small customers

Ms Salilthip Ruangsuttilp Deputy Director General for Accounting, Finance and Corporate Support, DuHome Public Company Limited or DOHOME said the company had strong results. With a total revenue of 18,535.17 million assets In the last 3 years, the share of construction materials revenue is about 46-49%, and the share of revenues from repaired materials is about 35-38%, and the share of revenues from final materials is around 15-17%.

In addition, in the first quarter of 2012, the company has total revenues. $ 4,980.24 million and a net profit of $ 246.68 million More than the same period last year with total revenue of $ 4,940.12 million and a net profit of $ 185.63 million As the company has a share in the brand sales The brand has increased What is a group with a high gross margin While the share of home sales revenue from Brand in the period 2016-2018 has been growing steadily, which accounted for 11.4%, 14.3% and 14.4% of sales revenue and services, respectively. In the first quarter of this year, this share is 14.5%, and the target is set to 2022. Brand is 20% of total revenue from sales and services.

In addition, the company intends to expand its subsidiaries across the region through the goal of opening a new large branch with a smaller area. With an average sales area of ​​23,000 square feet per warehouse and a total of 7 branches in 2021 in key areas With an investment budget of 250-300 million items per branch Targeted income is 1000-1,200 million branches per branch. Which still retains the integrity of the product, unlike the same branch Including the development of small branch expansion called "Dohome To Go," which has an average surface of about 300-1,000 square meters, including 90 branches in 2021, divided into 10 years in 2019, 10 branches in 2020, 30 branches and in 2021, 50 affiliates

With a service-opening plan in the area of ​​supermarket supermarket and hypermarkets The main target group of products is Repair and Decorating To reach small customers Especially for customers who live in cities that want to improve, renew and decorate their homes and can better respond to modern styles consumer life, as well as increase flexibility and speed in the spread of the industry. With a budget of about 5,000-6,000 assets per square meter Target income is at 80000-120000 Baht per square meter per year

In addition, DOHOME also planned to increase the share of sales revenue from the house. The brand with a gross margin of 31-35% on average, higher than non-household products, the mark is at 13-18%, but it is expected that the share of House Product Brand revenue will be around 30% for small businesses or "Dohome To Go" including Strategies to Increase Operational Efficiency Since the opening of Distribution Center (Distribution Center) in June 2018 With a 41.580 square meter warehouse in the Pathum Thani province What is appropriate for accepting, paying and delivering products to customers and DOHOME subsidiaries now and in the future and in the process is installing an automated storage system (ASRS) that is expected to help DOHOME more effectively manage inventories. Reduce the number of employees in the warehouse and help reduce the cost of storing and transporting goods in the future, "said Mrs. Salilthip.

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