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Dr. Sun reveals "the brightest Venus" last year & # 39; 61

"The Lightest Venus" last year from Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. And see it by July 62.

The National Institute of Astronomy The Ministry of Science and Technology has revealed the brightest star of the year, recorded in the early morning hours of November 30, 2018 at Sirindhorn Astronomy Park, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai.

Venus appears with glittering light. East Before sunrise It is visually visible to the naked eye. If viewed through the telescope, it will see that Venus appears like a moon. During that time Spike Which is the brightest star in the young stars. Appears one close to the other, to the top right.

"The Brightest Venus" is the period when Venus is relatively large. And in orbit far from Earth. This year, the first two appearances will be on September 25, 2018, and will appear in the early hours, and this time on November 30, 2018, will appear at dawn. For other days Even Venus thickens. But because of the position it is far from the world. Dimensions are reduced. The brightness also decreases.

After November 30, Venus light will lightly decrease. But still visible in the sky at dawn until July 2019.

Venus is another planet next to Mercury, closer to the sun than Earth. I do not see the full brightness of Venus. It will appear as a semi-moon. The seminal thickness varies in each position. We watched Venu briefly. Before the sun or after the sun He never appeared in the middle of the sky or in the late hours.

If you see Venus in the west in the early morning hours. Thai people are often called. "Star City" if seen in the east early in the morning. Thai people are often called. "Stars of Sparks"

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