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During the 90s, "Mickey Mouse & # 39; she gave the people a smile.

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November 9, 2018


"I hope we do not forget everything starts with a small mouse," a short term hidden in the deep meaning of "Walt Disney". It was featured on Disneyland on October 27, 1954.

Although it was a decade. But it is indisputable that this classic expression has become a part of life. There has been a lasting impression on fans around the world who have a similar sense to people. And what are still very successful today. I do not forget to remind myself that in order to arrive at this great place, it must cross the "beginning" that was not covered by rose petals, "little" rat. Who can not get out of the ring. "Mickey Mouse", a figure that has been in the minds of people around the world for decades, November 18 this year. In addition to Steamboat Willie's anniversary, Mickey is the first successful short-lived comedian. Mice were first released. It's the 90th birthday of our little friend.

& # 39; Mickey Mouse & # 39; was a feature created by Walt Disney Pictures, which became the symbol of Walt Disney Company in time to get back in time. At the beginning of the year. 2471 Creator of a 26-year cartoon.

Walter Elias Disney, also known as Walt Disney, is currently sitting in his temples because he has to design new characters that will replace rabbits. Oswald Lucky Rabbit, Oswald Lucky Rabbit, has just lost the copyright to other distributors to get drowned. During her return from New York to California, the Idea train is that "mice" used as a prototype of a new character. Initially, he gave the sign the name "Mortimer", but Lillian's wife returned and called "Mickey Mouse & # 39; instead of the reason the name sounded. nice and easy to access. Shortly thereafter, on November 18, the same year, Steamboat Willie & # 39; was a short strip.

Acting Mickey Mouse, he entered the silver screen. Before entering the heart and the children and adults who were watching. So successful. And the name "Mickey Mouse" is known to people around the world. Since then. For this reason, the same day became the official "Birthday" & # 39; Mickey Mouse.

Mickey's Identity Mice affect Lt.'s love for Walt Disney's world, physically and mentally, with the aura of fun circling around him and the presence of light that can awaken the child. Again in the mind of adults. To remind people of all ages the importance of happiness, laughter, positive thinking and hope with Mickey Mouse's love has always been to everyone. Also known as "True Original" or "True Original". No matter how long it lasts, it is still modern. Come with unique charms. The nature everyone has access to feel like part of the family.

For this reason, "Mickey Mouse" differs from any other character. No wonder Mickey Mouse is the most common figure in the world.

Walt Disney World on November 18 marks the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse's size Mickey Mouse is not just a & # 39; lik & # 39; But he's a "naughty boy" in the hearts of people around the world. It is a great symbol of the great Disneyland that remains legendary to this day. Long history. And this job is manifested in many people around the world. No wonder Mickey Mouse is a true "True Original" sign.

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