Tuesday , May 18 2021

Dusit Super Happy "BGPU" holds a crowd of Thai League 2 before the Songkrana break

"Ong Coach", Dusit Chalermsaen, Training Manager & # 39; BGEPU & # 39; the team met, returning to the audience before breaks during Songkrana. You're Ready For Mistakes Go back and do your homework for the M-150 Championship 2019.

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"Coach Ong" Dusit Chalermsaen, Chief Coach BG Pathum United "BGPU" The satisfied team returned to the crowd before the break during Songkrana. You are ready for the mistakes Going back to your homework to further improve with the consultant "The Rabbit" discovered after the home game Thai Union Samut Sakhon 6-1 at the M-150 2019 Championship at Leu Stadium on April 7, 62

Dusit Chalermsaen has revealed that this game is considered the goal we want. Collect a win before the break during the Songkran game in the first half, although the team is a bit slow but in the second half the players are more prepared. And Quickly Open the Door Facilitates Our Game As the team returned to relocate the audience, it was delightful, but it did not really want to focus too much on that point. I think that's a bonus. Because he did not want to put pressure on his teammates Will lead a crowd or win only the championship and there are many things we need to improve Before returning to the "

"Zec" continues to practice until Friday, April 12, and then resting during Songkrana from 13 to 14 April before returning to training on Monday, April 15, 62nd. Next match Takes up with Ubon United at the M-150 Championship 2019 on Saturday, 20 April, 62 at 17:45 at the Leo Stadium

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