Tuesday , May 18 2021

Eastern Fruit Hub, PTT Progress, get a clear forecast for this third quarter

PTT joins Uttaput on EFC Wear Thai fruit products to export niches B10 hopes to create market flexibility forever.

Mr. Chansilil Trienuchakorn, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT Public Company Limited, discovered after joining Winter Wonders In Rayong flourished tulips, and the East Fruit Terrace (EFC) was founded for the eighth time, and PTT established a working group with g. Establish Guidelines for EFC Operations In terms of quantities of fruit storage, storage methods, including the price of services that need to be discussed together But they are currently awaiting the allocation of this area from the Thai Industry Business (IEAT) where the site will be located in which the format is expected to be completed soon and the clarity of the work will be seen in Q3 2019

"Working together in the EFC, we have been approved by the board, which is used to cool liquefied natural gas or LNG from the process." To maintain farmers' crops in the area, to be the center of the fruit market Before exporting or selling in the country, winter city events that we've been doing for more than ten years, "said Chansilp.

– Mr Chansilp said before. PTT cooperated with the company. Bangkok Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. (BIG) establishes Map Ta Phut Air Products Company Limited (MPP) which manages air separation units Using LNG waste from industrial gas production including nitrogen, oxygen and argon to support demand in industrial plants And use medical aid located in Map Ta Phut Industrial Property, Rayong Province. The cost of the investment is 1,500 million baht. The production capacity is 450,000 tons a year. It will be commercially produced in 2021, which will be an important part supporting governmental policies in Eastern fruit of the terrace of the project.

Mr. Chansilp said about the policy of promoting the use of crude palm oil (CPO) of the Ministry of Energy. Which plans to increase the share of biodiesel (B100) in diesel fuel from the current 7% or B7 to 10% or B10 which PTT is willing to support such policies. At this time, waiting for clarity from the Ministry of Energy. When B10 oil specification is published and a clear price structure Moving biodiesel blend from B7 with demand Refined palm oil (B 100), about 1.400 million liters on B10, will increase demand for B 100 for 400-600 million liters, which will help absorb raw palm oil and support the price of palm oil.

– said Mr. Chansilp However, the announcement of biodiesel B10 should be identified as a permanent measure. Because it will cause flexibility in the use of crude palm oil Wear to future palm production Because if a large amount of production on the market promotes the use of biodiesel B10, but if the range of products is low, the mixture can be reduced to biodiesel B5 or B7.


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