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Ferrari 812 GTS Convertible Sports Car 800hp

Ferrari 812 GTS convertible sports car, 800 horsepower. "Data-caption =" Ferrari 812 GTS Convertible Sports Car, 800 horsepower. "/></figure><h2>50 years from Ferrari Introduce the first sports car in front of a V12 engine, and today the 812 GTS returns to the throne and announces the size of one of the major roles in Ferrari history. From the first day of founding the brand until today Let the world know again</h2><p> Convertible car legend: Ferrari's V12 engine is full of extraordinary cars, starting in 1948, from the 166 MM line, the true GT racing genre, which won the endurant race at the World's Most Famous in 1949, both programs by Mille Miglia and 24 Hours by Le Mans 365 The GTS4 is the last blood line that has long been transmitted.</p><p> The car was known as the "Daytona Spider" in 1969 for Ferrari's 24 Hour Daytona victory, when two drivers from the 330 P4 and 412 P picked it up side by side with their chess flags. Successfully following the 365 GTS4, the chassis supports the V12 engine. Ferrari's face was never used to produce convertibles. (Unlimited sales). This means only a limited number of specially manufactured cars, after which only 4 models were released, 550 Barchetta Pininfarina 2000, Superamerica 2005, SA Aperta in the year. 2010, the most recent being the F60 America in 2014. Only 10 cars were built to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Ferrari sales in the United States.</p><p> Like the legendary wild horse breed, the 812 GTS sets a new standard for top performance and exclusivity. Fierce with the powerful V12 of the powerful Ferrari powerful V12, not only the most powerful convertible of a sports car of its class But it is also a versatile vehicle Out of excellence folding hardtop Which is an important element that provides more storage in the boot</p><p><figure><img src=
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