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First Day: His Majesty King in Thailand Alexander Alonso

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Her royal princess Peerapong Panutdee (middle), Prince Siam, who competed in the famous car race in the 1950s.

Alexander Alon, a Thai-English semi-diver He has brought pride in Thailand after signing a Formula One racing (F1) or Formula 1 "Toro Rosso" contract, although Alexander was born in London. But a Thai national is his Thai mother.

The 22-year-old's recent success also captured the media in Thailand and England as the second in a row, a professional fighter in the world who followed her steps. Peerapong Panutdee or Prince Peera, a Siamese athlete who won the 1950s international glamor with the title "Bira" or "Peer". "

Here are 6 stories about the miraculous life of the Principality of Siam:

priestFather is a Thai postal operator.

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While he was captured in England, Perra found love and married Cyril Haykock, a college student, in January 1938.

Born on July 15, 1914, son of a husband. Prince Prajuripravangsawong Department Phraya Panu Chuanwong Worawadee He was the brother of King Rama V in the reign of King Rama V.

The locals often know of Father Peere on behalf of "Somdej Wang Burapha", who was born in Thai postal service. And so on.

He is the driver of racing cars.

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"Blue Bira" is his color in racing.

Peera is a skilled companion. Known at the F-1 World Championships, he was born in 1950.

He originally studied at the University of Cambridge in England and later left the university. Then he turned to studying sculpture with Charles Veer, a famous British painter.

But his career as a runner began at the age of 21 when his cousins, Lord Vera, were convinced. HRH Chula Chakrabongse It's around the well-known artist Hugo Chulak Chakrabongse to bring Riley Im to Brooklands race. In the name of the white mouse Siam (white mouse Siam) 1935.

Team name is white. But his race is painted in yellow. Color is inspired by Scandinavians. One of the famous barbarians. Blue is called a "blue choose" (White Blank).

At that time, the car was often painted as a representative of a nation, as blue represents France. The White Representative of Germany. Red colors represent Italy. His selection of Blue Pea at that time was coloring in the Siam race.

In the game at Brooks Stadium. Peera has applied for membership in the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC).

Then he began seriously competing internationally and becoming famous. Especially in Europe. He won the Royal Cup for the first time. From Prince Raizey III. Monaco (Coupe de Prince Rainier) April 11, 1936

Between 1936 and 1938 he won several European Grand Prix races. He was awarded BRDC Road Racing with the Golden Star of the British King for three consecutive years, and was named in the Hall of Fame at the British Racing Association. The award was donated by the Thai media. At that time, he gave a nickname. "Golden Star"

He is a pilot of the British Army.

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During the Second World War Pira joined the British Army. Served as a sailor trainer for British soldiers.

In love with the race. He also praised the flight. But when the race was suspended during the Second World War. He used his knowledge of aviation skills to join the British Army. Royal Navy. Served as a sailor trainer for British soldiers. At Cornwall Airfield

Peera never left her interest in flying. In 1952 he successfully drove a small aircraft across the continent from London to Bangkota.

First Formula One race in Thailand

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Peera is the first Thai contestant to compete in Formula 1.

Upon completion of World War II, the 34-year-old returned to the scene of the engine in 1948. Then in 1950 the Formula 1 race was born under the British Grand Prix. He won the British Grand Prix and 1950 – 1954. As the first Thai contestant.

His best performance was in the Grand Prix fourth round of 1954, driving the Maserati 250F in the final round, which almost reached the finish line in third place. Oil in front of the target line a bit. Competition at that time. He has competed with world-class competitors such as Juan Manuel van Gogh and Giuseppe Pina.

Peera stopped competing in late 1954 for short-sighted problems. To observe specialities You have a problem with running rain.

He entered the Olympic Games. 4 times

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Peera is one of 38 Tainan national athletes who competed in the Olympic Games 1956 in Melbourne, Australia.

With the ability to compete with Formula 1. He is also a skilled athlete of the sailor. By the end of the race. He competed for sailing at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia in 1960, Rome in Italy, 1964 in Tokyo and 1972 in Munich, Germany.

Death is a puzzle.

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December 23, 1985 Two days before Christmas. This is the time when London people are busy shopping for the most important festivals of the year. The old man fell and died in the Baroness Court subway.

This man born in Southeast Asia died of a heart attack. He did not have a personal ID card. London Metropolitan Police can not determine who they are.

However, the police found a manuscript in a foreign language that they could not read in the nameless pocket of this man. And finding language is not easy.

The police sent the paper to a specialist at the University of London. And it seems that Thailand is his address. That process lasted seven days before the police came into contact with the London Embassy in London.

London's 71st Death News This is the big news BBC reports across the country. News is one page of every Thai newspaper. Including the British newspaper and other countries, it has built its reputation.

Royal Thai Armed Forces held a royal funeral in London. The Royal Family in England. Including celebrities in the race to participate in many.

MR Malinee Motor Variants of History p. It was written in the end. "The ghost hovers in the sky, he died alone, only one Thai script that will recognize who he is, God sent him in adulthood, the name of the world before the Second World War and the goddess took it," The Golden Star "came back on its own. heaven, pretend to forget the world "

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Alexander Alon is the second Formula One racing driver in Thailand.

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