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Former husband Prawa Lean never used a position to help the case. Divorced 4 years

"Praewa's husband" is social media in social media. He has been discontinuing and interrupting with Praew for 4 years now. Including me with the new family and I was not involved in a case that accused him of helping. However, he admitted that "Praewa" was depressing.

On July 18, in the case of Miss Prawa Thepsatin Na Ayudhya, he drove a car to a passenger vans Motorway area In front of the Atom for Peace By causing the deaths of 9 bodies in 2010 until they were linked with "Theatasdin Na Ayudhya" and Mr Sarawee Rattapitthirathira , currently working in politics with the Prachatharathana Party

Recently, Mr. Sarawee Rathapitakthirad, former wife of Mrs. Prave Thepsatin Na Ayudhya or Mrs. Ravin Phirom Arunwong, discovered that she was interrupted with Mrs. Praew. You're ready to look for social and media sympathies Including the Social World Won, do not tie me to my ex-wife. Because, according to the news that came out of his marriage to Khun Praw, He wants to clarify at the moment, I and Khun Praewa have divorced 4 years.

– Ja i Khun Praewa We are marrying in March 2014 and for personal reasons. Cause of divorce in May 2015 and after divorce did not have contact with the Praew family Cause of interruption due to age and attitude that does not match Who during the whole period before marriage I live together I was always aware of Khun Prawa's case. And in the case where social flows are charged with using different positions of commissions In assisting Khun Prawi is not true. Because of different positions It was held in September 2015 and I and Khun Praewa were unveiled from May, "said Mr. Rawee.

Her ex-wife, Mrs. Praewa, opened her heart to confirm that I had never been involved. With the case of Khun Prawa At present, the things I want to leave in the company are 2 questions.

1. When I broke up in May 2015, my family and I had no contact with the family. Only grown-up Praewe's will be. This does not apply to the case. It is still in contact only with respect. It currently has a new family. What does not want these issues to affect my new family
2. I admit that I live with Mr Praw Please confirm that Mr. Praew has a lawsuit But that day, the case has not yet been resolved. And before the case decides Raskinula myself. So I did not know about the lawsuit and I did not give any help.

As for the issues that society says Khun Praewa suffers from depression. In the period before my marriage can exist even during my common life I have taken care of myself for the best of my mental state. You want to seek compassion from society Do not pull me back again.

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