Monday , May 17 2021

From Big Ass to Platform! Submit 6 new styles for the report in "genie New Folder"

It is considered to be new executives on the firepower of ceramics From Big Ass After joining the Label Director, genie records, the project was created to create a new artist named genie New Folder and pushed 6 new 6 styles into the field.

From Big Ass
From Big Ass

From Big Ass CEO Light said, "I sat and thought our goals were left to nothing that we have not done yet. We have concluded that there is one thing that has not yet been fully done Give you a chance to be a musician Acquiring the position of a water supply is like creating your own dream. The most important thing is to create a new artist from the Hot Music Awards and the Music Academy's Academy of Hope. If Jeanie New Folder Like When We Reopen We just clicked right to open a new folder. I think this project can constantly open new folders. As a high school tutoring for artists who are later sent to Jeanie University, this project is very open, it will not block the artists with musical genres. Very happy.

When Children Genie Nova Folders
When are the kids

"For Jean New Folder this year will be 6 artists who will prove their skills. Get used to the band When Children Duo Style Alternative Pop with Hip Hop Mix For the first time I listen to music, I like it This couple has already released the song. But this time I will help him have pure gold. The first single, the title I can not love one side It will let you see the music video this April 9, leave it and follow. "

Fold Step band
Fold Step band

"Fool Step comes from the hot waves This band is a good idea. When playing music is very natural Now I'm training for music, but there will be a higher version for help. "

Lingrom genie Nova map

"The LINGROM band is also from the hot wave. loopIt's a music class at Mahidol University Take care of music composition and music skills. "

By genius the New Folder
Scan to Pn

"TOR PONNAKOD is folk rock Along with the basics of fighting life making his music content rich and life and love sight The sound is very cool. Very good songwriter Confused where to hide?

Uefa Hari genie Nova map
Uefa Hari

Uefa Hari is a engineering student who has a dream of singing. This person comes in pop style. And finally, Zurić is one of four winners from Dobre Nada He was a night singer This person is very good at it. Is R & B Neo Soul."


"Ask if it is pushing (laughs) I want everyone to succeed Every detail, we try to look the best The most perfect The same pressure, but we decided to come here.You please look at it.I would also like to leave you in Project New New Folder www / genienewfolder "

genie Nova folder

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