Saturday , June 19 2021

Grandma shock! Seating in the pyramids The locals speak of merit.


Grandma shock! Sitting in the Rescue Rescue Pyramid. The locals speak of merit. The host prayed to the animals.

boa On November 8, Sawang Bumparnit Foundation Rescue Officer, Prachinburi Province, informed Ms. Sureeeporn Meesukrapat, 88, at 219 km Kaew Phichit, Muang District, Prachinburi Province. There's a big snake in the room. Coordinate the head of the snake action so that the snake trap officer would immediately go to the house.

At the scene of the event, there is a house that is planted with grass and meets Mrs Surporn, owner of a former retired teacher with her daughter. Waiting for panic. At the top of the house next to the room. It seems that the piton is almost 5 meters long on the beam. It is expected that inflammatory infusions will eat a lot of home. Use the snake to catch the device. The snake is trying to resist being back to the kitchen. It takes more than 40 minutes. In the middle of the relief of the houses that stand beside them.

Ms. Suree Porn said she was preparing for prayer. Meditate in the holy room. I heard a big raccoon on the roof of the house, so I looked up and saw the yellow glow of a giant pig. Then he hurried, then informed the Sangha Foundation staff. Prachin Buri with lighting equipment and help tool. Before that, this guy often smoked in the house. Because near the house there is a wild forest where nobody has been hurt.

Like the neighbors assumed or the serpent could get the host's credit. After propagating animals after prayer – meditate, then it is possible. After the capture returns back to nature.

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