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"Great matches played by the entire country for" Chiang Rai United VS Muang Thong United

Overview of Thai League 2019

Sing Chiang Rai United VS SCG Muang Thong United

a list : Thai league
Date / time of the competition : Saturday, March 16, 2018 at 19.00.
court : Sing the stadium
Live streaming : TRUESPORT HD 2 & TrueID App

It can be called the World Cup League that is full of fun and excitement. As fans all over the world are waiting for the Thai League 2019 in the midst of leading 16 leading Thai teams It can be assured that the Thai league is still reacting to the neck of the ball, not changing

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The match is played on Saturday, March 9, 2018 at 22.00 (Thai Time) and is broadcast live on TRUESPORT HD 2. & TrueID App

Standby Sing Chiang Rai United

Match Day on Saturday hosted by Singha Chiang Rai United has no right to call an elephant veteran service such as Saranon Anu-In. Besides, there are Pee Dee Piyapol Phanichkun that is expected. It will be lost from injury about half the season. In addition, Chaiwat Buranwongk, another who can not enter Singha's field, caused the failure of two former students from the SCG Muang Thong. The course ran with the old label.

It is expected that Elton Dos Santos Silva will use as many players as possible. The position to deal with Muang Thong has risen from the center of the plague Chom, such as Bill Rosimar, standing as a spear with two strikers on the left and right sides of William Enrique, Siwakorn Tee. The Central Family believes Phithiwasukjitthamkul and Iyongra to control the pace in the attacking and receiving game.

There are 5 stone walls in the game, consisting of Suriya Sing Mui, Thanasak Srisai, Brinner Enrique, Sarawut Inpong and Chinnapat Leela. Wong is an anus first hand, needing to replace Saranon Anu, with Pharupati stationed in the 2nd Hand position.

Standby SCG Muangthong United

Muang Thong

Going north to visit "Kweang Keng" today, "AFC Unicorn" will lose the right to use the new OBANOS center from Kimchi. Which is another important team defender

"Coach Ba" Phairot Wattanakon, Dilok, is expected to march in the form of a heavy, full-fledged match for Chiang Rai United in particular. Giving the center of a rising star, such as Kornwit Thasarangkharam, as the target of the attacker, with two spears, a concessionaire, an old person, a fairer and a "goddess" Fill the game in the middle of the game, there is Sa Racha Yuen, Eho 2 good at command of the game in the middle of the field.

In addition, the AFC has also compressed up to 5 defenders to make sure it will not lose the door because left wing Suphanan Burirat, on the right, ordered Sannukan Jom and another center back. 3 people, such as Adisorn Phromarak, Wattana Phlai, Sara Mammon Phosupha, are always ready to clutter the game to make it easier to spend the day.

A list of 11 players expected to enter the field

Sing Chiang Rai United : Airak Worawong (goalkeeper), Suriya Sing Mui, Thanasak Srisai, Brinner Enrique, Sarawut Inpong, Chinaphat Leeoh, Phithiwasukjit Thammakul, E. Mladi Rae, Siwakorn Tiatrakul, William Enrique, Bill Rosimar

Manchester United : Loud One Lam (Golman), Supanan Burirat, Adisorn Phromrak, Somnukran, Jom, Sarongmong Phromsupha, Wattana Phlai, Eho, Sa Ra Yuen, Kornwittha Sa, HERBER FERNERI, THIRASIN DAENGDA


At this point, Leo Chiang Rai United has been fully advancing into the jewels of the Thai Toyote Club. Promising to win the Trophy of the previous season and it is a club that is full of many great players, it is important to keep the main players out of the way while the system does not break the "Wide Danger, This Great Disaster" is still strong and consistent.

In addition, there is a huge front center such as Bill Rosimar, which has a strong point in the middle of the ball, the ability to pull and sharpen the finish. Challenge him to be one of the most dangerous players, including the ability to withdraw more than one opponent, causing the head of that spear's headlong. Combined with the uniquely accepted game of this Kwanggowong, with an average goal of just 1 goal, Singh Rai United is a very balanced team. One team in Toyota's Thai league and are ready to win various programs Always silent, but in the last 3 league games, we agreed that Singha Chiang Rai

On the side of the "Kirin Achan" team, it seems that the job will fall in the last 2-3 years. The lack of important players, such as Gwynthammasajanan, Theerathorn Boonmathan, Chanathip Songkrasin and Teerasilang Daeng, then find players replacing positions that did not make SC G Muangthong United suffered a heavy break from the center, but in 2019 the "Goddess" return will give the team and fans of much hope, "Chao Mui", who secretly left a distance. In J League Japan 1 Neither will they return to the Muang Thong Leverage team to return the team to re-win the championship. But the results were not so. As the game was pretty relaxed, along with the injury of Oban Suka, at a critical stage, he defeated the defensive "Kirin AFC" defeat until he lost the first two games. "Lanna Tiger" can go 2-0.

It is expected that Kirin's money will come again. In addition, the coordination of three divisions, such as Kornwit Thasa, HERBERRY, FANNADES and Theerasil Daeng, is still dangerous because it is difficult to hit, creating chaos for a game that is like the steel wall of Singha Chiang Rai, more or less

Although both teams have similar play plans, that is, the emphasis on the backs 3 and the hips 2, but the style of the game is completely different in how to do it. On the domestic side, there is a strong side playing in the air, allowing Bill Rosemar to stay on the ball. And keep playing games for friends at the same time and have friends to fill the game all the time And not only that, Bill is also able to pull and cut articulation. The guy who can be called "unprotected" makes the game invasion "Kweang Keng Great Disaster" is a very diverse style, along with the game that becomes strong. And have the advantage of domestic games, making this game to lose the goal is difficult

As for the SCG Muangthong, too, in the offensive game, there is a wide range of balls, slots. And throws the ball from the wings to cross the penalty area It can sometimes provoke stunning competition lines But this point is an important part that makes them win the tough Chiang Mai F-S package, combining the smell of the most dangerous harey fairies in Thailand. The league therefore expects the big Thai game this week to be a rather uncomfortable game. Measure each other due to Tagtig's failure plus both coach intelligence, and opportunities are not spent. And surely it will be a game that is not too close to recording

Expected result

Sing Chiang Rai United 1-1 SCG Muangthong United


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